The New Spring 2012 “Cut & Paste” Is Collection of Gsus Sindustries

The New Spring 2012 “Cut & Paste” Is Collection of Gsus Sindustries
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In the spring of 2012, gsus expanded its limits and shows an authentic collection for the urban audience. The theme of the collection is called “cut and paste” and is reflected in contrasting styles, where dreams meet reality on logic and creativity. “Due to the mix of different puzzle pieces on details, such as bags and other clothing components, I intuitively came on the theme of the new collection”, explains Jan Schrijver, design director at gsus. This creative approach brought unexpected colour and fabric combinations, and was the basis for a new look of gsus.

Highlights of the collection are among other classic Mr jackets in different colours, in the Middle separated by, and the meaning of “cut and paste”, were again sewn in contrasting colours. Dresses with surprisingly unexpected seams reflect the design concept for the Womenswear. White Denims in vintage washes as alternative jeans styles are also among the highlights: the look is based on unwashed, white cotton, a special finish provides creamy-borne effects. In addition, gsus for spring 2012 brings new chinos.

The color palette include a rose-pink degraded from or grey offset in the women with approaches of navigate green. In the men’s, various shades of grey are broken up to black with diamonds in blue, red and white. The new gsus styles ranging from “very wearable” smart casual wear to more progressive statement outfits: tops of soft Jersey in grey melange, but also beautifully cut dresses from Cupro with bird motif as All-Over-print found on the one hand in the collection.

Gsus men’s uses vintage effects for authentic used looks in the shirts. The ladies are soft jerseys and creamy colors in the foreground. Rounding out the “cut and paste” theme by symbolic elements of short cut prints like “ctrl x & ctrl v” for men or Polaroid prints in the 1960s Beach-look for the ladies.