The New SuperDry T-Shirt Collection

The New SuperDry T-Shirt Collection
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Superdry T-Shirts are unique, no other T-Shirt combines Japanese graphics with the intentionally washed-out look of American shirts of the 60’s and 70’s manufacturer. Superdry puts emphasis on soft, almost silky-looking fabrics, cotton, manufactured to the standards of English tailoring. This gives rise to casual streetwear of high quality and with a very comfortable to wear. No wonder that even stars such as Kate Winslet and Leonardo di Caprio belong to the fan community of Superdry.

The new collection is diverse, but clearly more elegant and restrained than in previous years. Strikingly, tailored shirts with neck, who forgo the typical big letters and you can spice it up with beautiful scarves are classic. The T-Shirts only have a discreet, small logo embroidery on the heart, and the usual logo label on the sleeve. You are in 13 different colors available, the Superdry vintage embroidered T-Shirts from the Orange label collection for men.

But lovers of distinctive, cracked letters must refrain from this season not. The series wait Superdry Billboard T-Shirt with print letters clear up: TOKYO ´ 56. Superdry SUPERDRY JAPAN renounces motifs and puts on the effect of contrasting colours, the shirt in turquoise, the written alternately in Orange, Navy and white – 5 different color combinations are available.

Who may not waive the beautiful, stylish designs, which pleased the Superdry aviators T-Shirt: A stylized, beflügelter Aviator “Thunderjets XF-91′ white emblazoned between bright blue text. A ´ SD for the brand name is available at the bottom of the T-shirt in the colour of the French Navy. Also the pretty, Japanese characters are missing on this shirt does not, they are found directly below the motif. The T-Shirt in the used look looks as if it came directly from the years 1957 to us.

Collectors beware: the Superdry stereo T-Shirt exists only in limited numbers! The 80s prevail in America absolutely trend, here more and more. “SUPER STEREO” convinces with classic 80s look, with thick block letters, Japanese characters and fashionable, graphic patterns. Available only in black bison, a real eye catcher.