The Perfect Floor (No 29) • the Perfect Apartment (# 29)

The Perfect Floor (No 29) • the Perfect Apartment (# 29)
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Rarely it happens, but sometimes I have no choice but to begin to show you a house for the bathroom. And it is that bathrooms like this deserve a monument just for them. Or a couple of posts…. Today our perfect flat is in a building of 1914 and the reform has been undertaken by architect Borja Vázquez de Prada Puras. It is full of ingenious ideas, thoughtful mix of vintage, light. Enjoy it and happy week! All details will find them on the web imperative of the Spanish magazine New Style. [] I do not often use a photo of a bathroom to start a post of a perfect place but This Time I’m sure it deserves esta privilege. Just the tub deserves a post for itself. Well, this amazing, bright apartment is in a building from 1914 and the reformation project is signed by Spanish architect Borja Vázquez de Prada Puras. You can find all details in the website of Spanish magazine New Style

Pay attention to the ingenious idea of placing a rest on the large wall mirror mirror. [] Have you noticed the small mirror on the wall mirror lying? 

There are a thousand things to cook by my head in recent months, new features and improvements telling you I’d go slowly, mostly because some still are nothing but threadbare ideas that haunt my head. Some things affect the navigability and design blogs, other new product lines for the store (there are some amazing furniture’re cooking Bethlehem and I and which have an advance by here hidden), others to Bodil world to me accompanies and every day becomes more important in Vintage & Chic, others simply non-die-in-the-try;) …. [] I’m working very hard in some improvements for Vintage & Chic. Some designs are related to the blogs, some are acerca new products lines Including That I’ll be in the shop in the coming days / weeks / months (you can Have a sneak peak in this link), some Referred to the wedding side of vintage & Chic. Some are just how to survive with all these news happening around me… = S

Today started with a collage of inspiration for the “look” with parts 100%  vintage  of  Bazar Vintage & Chic is that on more than one occasion have asked me to present you a clearer form parts of the store that can fit in environments that show on the blog and not waste time running around. Well here are a few ideas with visual game included: where do you think they fit each of the objects that you suggest?? [] Let’s start with something you’ve Asked me to do so many times: creating collages With vintage pieces from the V & C Bazaar to get the look of the “perfect apartments”. So, here They go my suggestions. Guess where each one goes in the living room, in the kitchen and so on…


  1. Vases German porcelain from the 50 to 70. [] Set of vintage german porcelain vases.
  2. Mirror Antique Bronze [] Old bronze mirror
  3. Lamp Modernist roof [] Modernist chandelier
  4. Mesa “space age” of glass and steel [] Space age table
  5. lamp desktop glazed ceramic. [] Vintage pottery table lamp.