The Perfect Floor Overlooking the Eiffel Tower • an Eiffel Tower Apartment Overlooking The

The Perfect Floor Overlooking the Eiffel Tower • an Eiffel Tower Apartment Overlooking The
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When you live in it a seller of furniture / treasure hunter and chief of Elle French Decoration editor and is located in a 1910 building, on the right bank of the Seine River in Paris, and from the bed you can see the Eiffel Tower, at least you can expect from an apartment is to be perfect. Then as the presumed perfection can be more or less to our liking. I do not know if I can explain … Well, yes, it turned out that not only the continent was, is, perfect (just think that this large apartment of 250 m2 was that the architect who imagined, chose to live with his family ), but the content is, at least to my taste. Wonderful as little. You do not have but to see the bathroom of the photo below! Unique furniture and lamps, experts selected by 4 eyes, coexist in harmony. Très chic. Très, très chic. (At the end I have left some ideas Bazar Vintage & Chic I see certainly in a place like … modest that is;)) · If we say Paris, an old building from 1910 by the river Seine , to 2,700 sq feet apartment with views over the Eiffel Tower ownedby a couple of people enjoying great taste for anything decor, everything is then a possible, but it will be perfect. That’s a fact. And not only is it perfect, it is Also beautiful, bright, amazing. All the details in the link below. (He is a furniture dealer; she is the director of Elle editor Decoration France). I have nothing else to add…

Here we see the apartment owners, Philippe Rapin and Sylvie de Chirée. Lucky them. · Here the lucky couple who owns this place, Philippe Rapin and Sylvie de Chirée

Photos · Photos: Antonie Barahle via Elle Decor

Oh, and here’s suggestions (the mirror is no longer available, but there are others that would perfectly the times …)