The Perfect House (No. 27) • the Perfect House (# 27)

The Perfect House (No. 27) • the Perfect House (# 27)
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The perfect house today is a true reflection of one of my dreams to fulfill: to find an old house (the older the better), with stone walls (the wider the better), bring it down (well, the walls unclear) and on the blank canvas decide where every stone, every beam, every chair, every picture, every plant leaves. Start from scratch but on a base full of history. Who knows, maybe someday find a home so by the Asturian east that within my economy … put Majorcan house of S. XVIII that was once oil mill, is the dream fulfilled ‘Well, I suspect that was also a dream for the wonderful result- architect Durval Dias Junior. For what envy … [] Today’s perfect house is located in the island of Majorca (Spain).An old house from the 18th. c. That once was an oil mill, Among other past use, and today is the home of architect become Durval Dias Junior WHO Also the whole project signs. You know, to find such a house and being reliable to transform it from zero to wonderful, it would be a dream also to me, though I’ll Have to wait. Still a long time, I’m afraid…

Unlisted lamps JIELDE living with chairs model Y (also known as Wishbone) Hans J. Wegner’s great, 1949-1959 design that not only gets old, but is already one of those essential classics. Surely remains the same in 300 years … [] JIELDE lamps mixed with iconic designs, such as: the Y model (Also known as Wishbone) back in 1949-1959 designed by Hans J. Wegner genius.

And I love that side table in gold with smoked glass. For something I have several in the Bazaar;). Oh, and the carpet, and I’m very lost, or have igualita in Ikea. [] And of course I love the brass & glass side table. I love this type of tables … And I’m pretty sure the rug comes from Ikea (At least they have a very like one …)

What will he think? Do not you want to move right away? [] What do you think? Do not you feel like moving in right now??