The Scent of California – Get Collector “SoCal”

The Scent of California – Get Collector “SoCal”
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For years, the surfer line “Hollister” from the trendy fashion label is Abercrombie & Fitch in the United States a box-office hit. Now has the fashion here with a vengeance in Germany – and hence the perfume, that all visitors of the Hollister stores it will receive, as soon as entering one of the shops.

Because all Hollister stores after “SoCal” smell the typical scent of the brand. He stands for the lifestyle of Southern California and is suitable for the image of loading, which backed the scent with matching surfer music. Customers feel transported to California beaches. The flowery scent smells initially struggled and sweet cherries. Then comes a wooden touch to wearing, smelling more easily and exudes a breath of fresh air. This tart note is the special fragrance.
As the brand Hollister itself also “SoCal” for young people is suitable, because the scent is inspired by the identity of this generation. It’s a scent for surfers, which is well suited for the summer. The sweet note doesn’t bother it. Many people find the scent as very pleasant. Now many stores put on special will be offered in trade as well as in different online stores, such as in the room fragrance shop. Many premises are parfumisiert in LifeStyle and luxury brands.

The subsidiary of Abercrombie & Fitch uses simple garments with large signs in his fashion. This motto is preserved also in the perfume. So is also the bottle of perfume made fairly easy and not really stands out at first sight in the eye. The transparent bottle with the Brown fluid and the dark lock picks up the trendy vintage-look. Packaging, a simple brown box, still underlines the simple look. The bottle contains an everyday fragrance without high standards, but thanks to the tactics of Hollister, he is still on everyone’s lips. When shopping the fragrance “SoCal” accompanied each, all the time, so you must really keep in mind the scent. Therefore, 2007 created perfume went after some time also in the free sale and is well accepted. It is not surprising therefore, that generic has already taken SoCal. The fragrance “Homme wild” is said to smell similar.

Now there’s SoCal for women, with a more fruity flowery note. In contrast to the men’s fragrance, the bottle is transparent here, but otherwise just simply looks like the perfume for men. The packaging is also quietly kept in white with flower pattern. The Eau de Parfum and the Eau de Cologne are both for women and for men in a 75 ml bottle to get and also available as a spray. A 50 ml variant is also available in the trade.