The Top 10 Must – Haves for Autumn

The Top 10 Must – Haves for Autumn
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In my article Herbsstrends 2011/2012, I’ve already started tounderstand how the modern man dresses in the new season and has made it clear that this autumn may be combined again wild. A certain trace of elegance is indispensable.

Top 10 Must-Haves For Autumn 2011

Today I would like to introduce you to my Top 10 Must-Haves for the autumn season 2011, which are either very far up on my wish list, or which I already own.

#1 The Corduroy Trousers
For men one of the biggest new or re-discoveries of the autumn season are the corduroy trousers. They are not only warmer, for example, chinos, but also have an unmistakable, comfortable wearing comfort. The style seems to be a little bit brittle or old-fashioned, but it can be combined in a very casual and modern way.

#2 The Hiking Shoe
Surely nothing for the office, but for the leisure time or the schoolyard just right. The hiking shoe looks wonderfully alternative, robust and possesses the charm of an “Into the Wild” type! Just in combination with a chord pants one of my favorite outfits for the autumn. Where we are at the footwear: Thick mottled socks, the pants easily disappear into it, glancing over the shoe, are an incredibly beautiful, finely detailed detail.

#3 Mr. Bag
I’ve already presented to you my latest favorite piece , my bag of SCOTCH & SODA. For me an absolutely casual Asseccoire, to suit the military style, but you can also combine to a jacket.

#4 The Dufflecoat
You do not have to be East Frisians or sailors to like the Dufflecoat. Not only is it particularly warm, it also has a classic elegance that is never “overstyled” thanks to modern cuts. For me one of the highlights this season.

#5 Fairisle Sweaters
I’ve got the trend to the Fairisle patterns one or the other times already mentioned, but there are just so many different Fairisle sweaters that are so beautiful that one can hardly be satisfied with them. They emphasize the style of each man and make him look casual and casual.

#6 Quilting Waistcoats
For the not so cold days the quilts are again announced. They hold the upper body warm and invite you to combine through different layers clever. Whether it’s a woodcutter shirt or Fairisle sweater,quilts always look cool!

#7 Tweed Blazer
The Tweed Blazer is more for the office, but can also be combined with a jeans or chino to the leisure look. I especially like this model of SCHOTCH & SODA (yes, I just love this brand!). Jackets or blazers are simply the absolute must for this elegant style.

#8 Parka
Oh man, the military style beats like a bomb! Not everyone dares, but those who do it reap a bunch of looks! – Also on my wish list, there is still a suitable parka in the military style, eg this one from SUIT.

Knitted Hat Let’s go to the Asseccoires. With knitters, you can usually do little wrong in autumn and winter, but a knit hat must be essential this winter. I’ve already taken care of the denim & supply by Ralph Lauren. -This is from alpaca wool and feels incredibly good! You are already looking forward to the cold days.

#10 FlechtgÜRtel
Of the Flechtgürteln I am already excited. They look classically elegant and at the same time have the style of the 80s. Made of real leather, they last for at least half a lifetime!

Trends come and go, but their own sense of style remains and should continue from season to season. No matter whether casual or elegant, always go according to your feeling and carry only that in which you feel really well!

So I gave you, I think, another good overview of the coming season and maybe inspired you with the one or the other “must-have”. The men’s fashion is definitely more multifaceted and more variable than ever before! -Have fun in autumn!

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