These Beauty Tricks Make Your Life So Much Easier

These Beauty Tricks Make Your Life So Much Easier
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Do not want to hurry in the morning because you spend hours in the bathroom? Then read these 8 beauty tricks, because they will make your life so much easier. Promised!

Why complicated when it is easy? With the right beauty tricks, you can make life easier because they save time and nerves. Try these clever beauty hacks right away.

Beauty tricks: Simpel, But Awesome

1. Dry Hair Quickly Without A Towel

Get out of the shower, wrap the towel like a turban around your head and wait until your  vintage hair is dry. Many women use this variant. But there is a faster method. Instead of the towel, use a cotton T-shirt, which will absorb the moisture better. You want to have natural curls the next morning? Then wrap the t-shirt in the evening around the head and leave it over night on it.

2. Tea Bag Against Brittle Lips

Especially in winter, brittle and chapped lips are a big problem. From now on, a tea bag can create relief. Just take a wet green tea bag for this beauty trick and keep it for a few minutes to the lips. This soothes and provides additional moisture.

3. Longer Hold For Haircups

Who does not know that. In the morning, a vintage hairstyle is carefully styled with hairclips, and a few hours later it dissolves because the braces do not hold properly. This is now a thing of the past. The beauty trick: Spray the braces before using a hair spray. Then, nothing will happen.

4. Voluminous Eyelashes Conjure

Many women dream of long voluminous eyelashes, but only a few are given by nature. So you can help: Carry the mascara first as usual. Then dive a cotton swab into Babypuder and go over your eyelashes easily. Then you can apply mascara again. Et voilà, finished is the perfect eye-contact. Tip: If you do not have a baby shower in the house, you can use another transparent, loose powder. This also deceives more wealth.

5. Open Nail Polish Bottle More Easily

The application of the nail polish is usually child-friendly, but the opening of the nail polish bottle presents a problem. In this case this beauty trick helps: Wrap a rubber band around the lid. This makes the bottle easy to open even with your hands clasped.

6. With Milk Against Red Spots

Waxing is a quick method to remove the unsightly hair from the legs. The problem is that the skin is often red and irritated. Milk can help. Dunk a cotton pad in milk and place it on the affected skin area. Alternatively, you can use cold quark, which also has a soothing effect.

7. Quick Cleaning For Powder Brushes

According to, powder brushes should be cleaned in the meantime. But the beauty tricks that you know so far are too complex? Then try it with a dutt pillow. Hold the brush on the pillow and turn it back and forth a few times. Already the brush is clean.

8. Moisturizers For Smooth Hair

The hairstyle is freshly styled, and then it happens: After you have pulled the sweater over your head, your hair stands wild. No panic! Just take a damp cloth and gently stroke over your head. After that everything is as it should be. If the wet tissues are all used up, you can simply moisten a cloth and use it. The only important thing is that he is really only wet and not wet.