This Blogger Shows Us a Dream Life, But Actually Takes Months without Leaving The Hospital

Jessica Stein, better known as Tuula Vintage, is one of the most inspirational bloggers from the moment. Your pictures in paradisiacal landscapes and their lifestyle translates into more of 2.5 million followers Instagram account. But this week has left everyone amazed to revealing a kept secret for months.

We have spent years following these girls and, following the natural course of life, we have seen them mature. Accompany them in their business achievements, their weddings and even their pregnancies, but never show his most bitter side. They don’t speak of its ups and downs and only teach the positive part of being an influencer. On February 14 Jessica Stein broke the silence and showed us that it is not gold all that glitters.

A hidden secret

Under tender images of her pregnant, he explained how hard being these months, facing a pre-birth case depression and a high risk pregnancy. While it was admitted in the hospital, Instagram account fed spectacular image file, so his followers never imagined what was going through.

Seven months of wild waves with the man of my dreams staying with feet on the ground. I’ve always dreamed of being a mother, but I never knew if it could be. I experienced several internal after being struck by a car at age 16 and pelvic injuries and that caused me pain and limitations; at all times I was warned of what might never come to be. I’ve always wanted to take (my amazing mother has been) and my partner and I had been talking about it again just until this unexpected miracle happen.

With my personal story and want to keep my privacy at Bay, I hope that everyone can understand that it would have not shared this if not to feel the need to talk about the ups and downs of pregnancy. I have been fighting with antenatal depression and hope speak just help me to heal, and others also.

In our exploration of the 20 weeks they realized the lack of amniotic fluid, without knowing it had been dripping due to my injury in the bladder and I was diagnosed with PPROM (broken water). With symptoms pre-parto and anticipating an early arrival I was admitted to hospital in Sydney up to 24 weeks. I don’t know that words used to describe the desperate that I felt… Not being able to control my own body, provide enough my baby or see the hope that would achieve it. While my partner is a basic and very positive support, these past months have been some of the most lonely in my life.

A few days ago we experienced our first moment of emotion and relief to see that things were going well; I have a small warrior who is overcoming all the odds. They have given me the high from my income at the end of the year and the cloud of anxiety is going slowly. I want to thank the doctors, nurses and the hospital which have gone further with us, including all the women I met while he shared room learning about the daily life of each one. We are very grateful to have this now and be in this position we’ve both dreamed of. For now we’ll enjoy every day to wait to meet our little miracle…

All that glitters is not gold

They have already been many cases during these years, but you will keep it in mind: social networks show us a lifestyle that does not exist or is real. The girls who appear human, therefore have problems like everyone else, with the little difference that show the public only they are interested. We met the case of Zilla Van Den Born, a young woman who made an experiment at home locked up for six weeks while his family thought that he was traveling through Southeast Asia. With the help of the Photoshop and a little bit of mana, embaucó everyone and showed that it is very easy to appear today.

While Jessica was experiencing the most bitter part of the pregnancy, he wouldn’t let his followers without their daily dose of dreamy images and paradisiacal landscapes. Have been several weeks where the @tuulavintage account has been changing continent unless people see nothing strange.

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We are glad to know that it is OK, but this shows us once again that social networks are a platform to appear a nearly impossible ideal life.

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