Tips and Lingerie Care!

Tips and Lingerie Care!
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How delicate, the durability of your vintage lingerie depends on how you take care of it. Our consultants suggest what to do to make bras and panties last a lot longer. The  vintage lingeries usually yellow after several washes, so that this does not happen, let them be soaked in a mixture of water and baking soda before washing them.

Wash: always wash your hand so as not to ruin the delicate finishes or deform the rim and bulge. Try to use neutral, non-abrasive soap. Although it is a common habit among women, it is not advisable to wash the vintage lingerie in the shower. It’s because the hot water makes the elastane wires lose their strength. In addition, they wear delicate lace. Bleach and fabric softener also harm elastane, as well as chemicals used in dry washes.

To pass / dry: the  vintage lingerie does not have to be passed, because they fit to the body. If you want, use the iron only on the cotton bottoms. To dry, hang vertically on the clothesline – and in the shade, as the sun fades the color and spoils the flexibility of the elastane. “Never twist your pieces so they do not deform,” says Lilia Masijah of Darling  vintage Lingerie.

Save:  According to nEXTICLE, the panties and bras drawer should be arranged so that you can easily find the part you want and also to ensure a long life to the vintage lingerie. Cristina Papazian, specialist in home organization, suggests separating them by color. If the bras do not have a bulge, they can be folded together with the panties. Another option is to hang the bras on hangers. “Because they are made of synthetic fibers, the parts need to breathe. So leave the drawer open for a few hours at least once a week, “he says.

Bras with bulge: so that they do not deform, special care is taken when storing them.Cristina Papazian explains that the most practical and organized way is to fix them as if it were a binder. “Overlap the right bulge to the left. Then keep one behind the other, “he teaches. If you have space, the pieces can also be saved open.