Training Jersey

Training Jersey
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At any club or club equipment equipment always includes a T-shirt. Which shirt is but right for the team? We’ll help you further.

Training Jersey or Cotton Tea?

If you’re planning a complete new Team equipment as part of the next track suit T-shirt with the sports goods which can not be missing as a club. Many manufacturers such as Adidas or Nike, there is the possibility to realize different t-shirts in the same look to order. Firstly, a training jersey or training shirt and the other a cotton tea. The differences between the two shirts is a training jersey is made of polyester and the simple tea from a natural cotton material.

The material also determines the possible uses for the tea / Training Jersey use

  • for training = Training Jersey
  • warm up before the match=Training Jersey / li>
  • Time before sports = tea

Each cotton tea or training jersey you order in the shop of Adidas, Nike Puma and Jako and Erima.

Our Recommendation For The Club Clothing

Whether training jersey or cotton tea, every club can decide for themselves what sportswear they want to wear. Our recommendation is, however, clear to training jersey. The reason this is a training jersey can be used in many more areas. In addition to the training a training jersey can be used for the club’s and the uniform sportswear one team finally easy to find on We see the cotton tea in this context rather than an alternative to a polo shirt.