Trendy Swimwear for Summer

Trendy Swimwear for Summer
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2016 is fast approaching, and nothing more than to look at the swimwear trends of the next summer season to face the winter. We have deciphered for you the trends that seem to impose themselves for the summer 2016 in terms of models, colors and materials.

Sensuality marks the trend of swimwear for summer 2016

Before even looking at vintage swimsuit models that will mark the trend of summer 2016, note that the word that guides this trend is undoubtedly sensuality. For the summer of 2016, you will see particularly feminine models such as plunging necklines, push-up  vintage swimwear and, of course, the slashkini that continues to conquer an increasingly important audience. Similarly, these jerseys will be adorned with accessories such as belts, beads and other jewelry.

The One Piece Swimsuit Returns Among Swimwear Trends for Summer 2016

If you thought that one-piece sensuality and swimsuit were contradictory, you will probably be surprised to learn that the one piece swimsuit is making its big comeback in trendy  vintage swimwear for the summer of 2016, and should be declined in ever more varied forms and materials. According to Maternityetchic, the necklines will be indented, and you will be able to see more and more feminine accessories to embellish these  maternity  vintage dress one piece, fitting in the current trend.

Trendy swimwear for summer 2016: the simplicity of colors and materials

In spite of the exacerbated sensuality that prevails among trendy bathing suits for the summer of 2016, know that colors and materials are more natural and basic than what we have seen in recent seasons:

  • On the color side, the trend turns to blue, gray, dark greens, suggesting a return to nature.
  • If you turn to printed jerseys, these will mostly display geometric patterns.
  • As for the materials, they are stretchable and comfortable, as shown by the presence of swimsuits in cotton, lycra and other natural fibers.

You will understand, this trend is a wink to modern women looking for both elegance and comfort.