Universo Retrô E Be A Bombshell

Universo Retrô E Be A Bombshell
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Recently, the Universe Retro released another video in the series Vintage Lovers, in partnership with the production company Hello Vargas Movies (Watch here), which shows behind the scenes of a photo shoot Pin-up. The report was filmed during the first photo shoot done in Circus Hair especially for the new design of the site, in partnership with theBe a Bombshell and Sundae Inc: a charity calendar Pin-ups for 2016.

Universo Retrô E Be A Bombshell

For the project were invited 12 Brazilian women, who have the retro as lifestyle, representing each of the months of the year and their respective holidays. All this, while respecting the personality of each, your style and your preferences. “Our idea was to actually translate the diversity of brazilian retro culture , a fun project and I could still have a beneficent nature,” explains Alberto Alves, editor of Universe retro and executive producer of the project, along with your partner Mirella Fonzar.

The production of the pictures was divided into three trials, clicked on days and different locations. From January to March, the retro Circus Hairsalon, located in Jardim Paulista, in São Paulo, was the setting for the sharemarket Mona Liza represent the day of the Magician; the burlesque dancer Aurora D’vine, Carnival; the retro model FabiCherry, the discovery of Brazil, and Miss The 2015 Pin-up Sailor, Madame Rose N Roll, represent the Easter.

Then, from May to August were clicked on Flintstones and kustom shop Cla 66in Moema.Rockabilly singer Cherry Rat represented labor day; the fashion designer Sarah Amethyst(photo cover this matter, by Marcello Garcia-remembering that this is not the official photo of the calendar), Valentine’s day; the make-up artist Mari Kato, as a day of Rock, and the stylist and Miss Viva Las Vegas Pin-up 2015, Marilia Skraba, who also signs the styling of the calendar, the Day of the soldier.

The months of September to December gained scenarios of Vintage Boutique thrift store and Bar, in Bethlehem, with the blogger retro and journalist Felicia Douglas, for the Secretary’s day; the lover of vintage horror and blogger, Dracurella, representing the Halloween; the Afro-model and lover of the goldfields, Nanne Ahadi, for the Day of black consciousness, and the owner of thrift store Bruna Gilda, for Christmas.
In partnership with Be a Bombshell, pioneer consulting in trials in Brazil, the retro project artistic production of Marilia Skraba, Marcello Garcia photography (Assistant: Paula Muller), beauty of Silvia Brito (assistants: Jessica Monk, Amanda Lucci and Juliane Palesel) and costume design of the brand Ice Cream Sundae Inc. Design by Ariadne Rao, the printed calendar will be sold, in Vintage Expo 2015, on 5 December the Club Homs, in São Paulo.

Anyone visiting the stand of Retro Universe during the event – which promises to be the largest ever organized segment-you can purchase the calendar first hand and even participate in a Meet & Greet with the Pin-ups, which can take pictures with them and still have the signed material. “In addition to providing a beautiful piece of decoration and of excellent quality to our readers and partners, this project managed to assemble a team of 20 passionate about retro for a good cause. It’s priceless, “celebrates Daise.

The value of the calendar will still be released, however it is important to note that part of the profits will be reverted back to the home of the mother me, a long-stay institution which houses older 33 and works for more than 30 years in the Penha neighborhood in São Paulo. “Along with the donation of the amount collected in cash, we are planning a very nice action with the ladies, to provide a day back to the past, with much joy and many cultural attractions,” he reveals.

Launch of calendar Pin-Ups of the universe Retro
Vintage Expo 2015
Date: 5 December 2015
Time: 3:00 pm to 10:00 pm
Location: Homs Club | Hall
Address: Avenida Paulista, 735-Next to subway Brigadier – São Paulo/SP