Vintage and Color in London

Vintage and Color in London
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This colorful corner is in great London house of Christine d’Ornano, Sisley executive signature. The truth is that such concentration and beautiful mix of things- the Louis XVI chair upholstered in yellow skin on a pickled white base, chester and that magnificent celestial lamp foot Italian 50- year are a declaration of principles. [] This colorful little corner belongs to the home of Christine d’Ornano from Sisley. I adore the mix of All These treasures: the Louis XVI white chair with its yellow leather upholstery, the sky blue chester sofa and the gorgeous Italian standing lamp from the 50s. Wow.

Here we can glimpse one of my fetish pieces: the armchair Elda, in white leather, designed to mid-60s by the great Italian Joe Colombo. [] In this photo, on the left, one of my favorite armchairs: an Elda chair in white Italian genius by Joe Colombo.

And what do you think of the doors lined in blue velvet? [] And what do you think about prep the blue velvet upholstered doors leading to the dining area?

Or a studio-dressing-bathing area… [] and what about this dressing-studio-bathing suite.

I’m completely in love with this great kitchen with its large wooden table for a lot of guests, your board, your bar with banks…. It looks like a charming bar! [] I’m in love with esta huge kitchen with the big, big wooden table, the chalkboard… looks like a cozy restaurant!

In short, a delight to the eye and smorgasbord one pisazo well in Notting Hill. I hope you enjoy and live as a house deserves that. [] A delicious place to live in, do not you think? I hope ITS owners will know how to enjoy it the way it deserves…