Difference Between Vintage and Retro

Difference Between Vintage and Retro
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What is Vintage:

Vintage means something classic, old and of excellent quality.

It is a lifestyle that harks back to the years 1920 1930 1940 1950,,, and 1960, and it applies to clothing, footwear, furniture and decorative pieces.

The vintage clothes are classic, old clothes, like jeans or clothing parts copied from previous decades, as the POA print dress (marbles), for example.

The pin-ups of the years 50 and 60-classic and feminine woman, but with retro air, seductive and naive at the same time-is another example of vintage fashion.

But, they are not vintage only old clothes, according to internetdict.com. Second fashion journalists and stylists, clothes with purposely fabrics worn are also called vintage, just because they look so old and used to belong to another era.

Even the shirts and shorts of 80 and 90 rock can fit in the concept of vintagefashion, by being part of a style considered outdated and that marked an era. The vintage clothes are easily found at thrift shops.

Some people begin to consider any object or clothes as vintage when it has at least more than 20 years of age.

Articles from the years 80 and 90 can also be classified as “new vintage”, while articles with at least 50 years are categorized as “real vintage”.

The term is also used for old cars, charming and very requested for wedding ceremonies.

Another name given to the word vintage Anglo-French origin, and is used by winemakers for a year of good harvest, climatic conditions and other factors favored the production of a quality wine.

The famous port wine, for example, receives this designation when the harvest is of recognized quality. Also due to the large capacity of aging, its price is much higher.

Vintage and Retro

There is a doubt about the differences between the concepts of vintage and retro.

The retro concept (from the French word rétrospectif) refers to an article (clothing, for example) that is outside of the predominant style at present (in this case, as the example given was the clothes, a retro style would be a style that is not part of the current fashion).