Vintage Apartment Decorating

Vintage Apartment Decorating
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An architect by training, Estelle Grosberg took care itself of the redevelopment of the apartment of 68 sqm it occupies with her husband and their son, Simon. The space, previously little optimized, sees today highlighted by a ball organization. The contemporary, mixed with retro furnishings with flamboyant colors, is enhanced by the natural light of the apartment.

To optimize space, Estelle Grosberg chose to remove traffic five square meters which ran throughout the apartment. It has revamped it around an island discrete closets, which include expanding the kitchen storage space.

Vintage Apartment Decorating

Amateur fixtures, she also chose the famous suspension ” Favorite Thing” , signed Chen Karlsson, in which she placed some toys belonging to Simon, his one year old son.

For the young mother, family life is synonymous with good food. Therefore no question of neglecting the dining area. Adjacent to the kitchen, it now occupies a central place in the apartment. The vintage table, topped with a black and yellow contemporary lighting, is being enhanced by the natural light entering the house: “It basks in the sun! ” Says Estelle Grosberg.

The main challenge of the owners was to set up their apartment in order to have the most space possible. So they wanted to keep a large open room, as evidenced by this photo. The dining room, which overlooks the kitchen, thus extends into the living room.Traffic is beautifully dressed by the mottled vintage furniture on the Internet, like this charming Scandinavian buffet of classic 1950s style night lights come contrast all brilliantly.

In the living room, Estelle Grosberg opted for an ultra-graphic wallpaper, tinged with gray, black and red, with its delicately highlight the famous wall sconces “A curved arm” , Serge Mouille. Also in the spirit ‘Recycling’ ‘she particularly, Estelle Grosberg has set his sights on an old Formica kitchen table, which she cut the feet to turn it into a coffee table. The whole still remains contemporary, because as she says: ” We must know how to balance! ”

The food, from white lacquered furniture, is of a very contemporary style and bright. To contrast all, the architect opted for a very durable wood worktop. The column at the entrance to the room housing the rubbish chute: ” We could have the file but was amiantée: it caused a big dispute with the condo. ”

To avoid breaking the volumes, Estelle Grosberg preferred design a kitchen; so even if it is not spacious, it blends in perfectly in a contemporary and refined together, dressed all in white. The toaster enhances the whole and echoed many red accents present in the decoration of this apartment. A color particularly appreciated owners.

Dressed all in neutral colors, the master bedroom was designed in second-day, for want of space. It therefore has no direct window to the outside, overlooking the dining room Estelle Grosberg has chosen to focus. ” As parents, we only to sleep” We did entrusts -she. To ensure the renewal of air, essential to comfort, energy savings and healthy, she has installed a controlled mechanical ventilation.

In the room of their son Simon, the couple opted for a decoration sober and elegant, delicately punctuated by yellow. Light wood and sand-colored frieze creating a Scandinavian atmosphere of the most ravishing. The orange mini chair Eames wakes signed meanwhile it all, just like the colored suspension.

In his bathroom, Estelle Grosberg wanted a tile that is both attractive and durable. She opted for ultra-shiny rectangular tiles of type “Paris Metro,” she skillfully highlighted using colored seals: “I wanted the green, but my husband hates that color; it was therefore agreed on red.”

Before the works, sanitary gave on the show: “Toilets, we could watch TV!” For reasons of privacy, the architect has chosen to move the door to the room. The decoration awarded to that of the bathroom, creating a true harmony.