Vintage Beach Hat

Vintage Beach Hat
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The hottest season of the year is coming and due to the intensity of the sun, summer ends up requiring even more protection, especially in the face region.

Vintage Beach Hat

But, nothing better than joining the useful to pleasant, right? Therefore, besides sunscreen, a very recurring option is the use of beach hats , which besides protecting, are also super stylish accessories that can add a special touch to your look.

And to help you, we separate two incredible tips and infallible for those who want to raze in the summer, wearing a super stylish beach hat:

Some Beach Hat Tips

It is versatile, does not overheat and protects the face very well. You can wear it by combining with shorts, shorts or light dresses as well. Fully stripped, Panama is a perfect beach hat as it blends a simple, lightweight style without losing its authenticity. Have you seen our models?

Visor hat

The long visor flap fulfills well its role of protecting the face from the sun’s rays, and is one of the most sought after options when it comes to beachwear. Best of all, there are now some models that are a bit more charming and less sporty, which allow them to be used on other occasions, in combination with dresses or light clothes, such as our Amaranth Wine Visor.

Now it’s just you choose the model of beach hat that most suits your style and go enjoy the summer! Check out these and other models on the Vintage Headgear website!