Vintage Christmas Decor

Vintage Christmas Decor
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Christmas is coming and with it the opportunity to decorate our homes in a very special way.
Nordic style is trend, but it is at this time of the year when it plays a special role.

Nordic or Scandinavian style offers Christmas, simple and elegant, décor based on neutral colors, natural elements and small Christmas decorations that will give your home a warm and original touch.

Nordic Style Christmas Decorations

Nordic-style Christmas ornaments are simple, simple forms and made with natural elements, such as wood, cardboard, felt, or wool.

Vintage Christmas Decor

Shuns the excesses and garish colors, it’s creating a warm and quiet atmosphere.

White takes on a key role in this type of decor, but also the red, green and brown. DIY (Find meaning of DIY, visit ABBREVIATIONFINDER.ORG) ornaments have great added value and give to your decoration style handmade unique and very special.

Do you dare to make your own ornaments for tree-based cardboard, felt, or wood. Bore to the whole family to take part thus creating their own Christmas ornaments, decorate, will spend intimate time together.

Decoration Christmas Tables

No doubt is one of the most important elements of your Christmas interior decoration of the tables. To its around requires long meals or family dinners and decorative details will not go unnoticed.

The centerpieces are basic to give that warm and friendly touch that you want in your table. You can avail of natural elements such as pine cones, either in natural colour or painted in white, the mistletoe, the strawberry tree or green branches will be responsible to color your Christmas centerpieces.

You can also use vintage accessories as cages with candles, decorated with flowers or glass bottles wooden boxes.

Christmas Tree Vintage

If you are looking for an original Christmas tree, Nordic-style offers you wood axles which are very elegant, original and decorative.

This type of trees are very easy to make and decorate. There are many models of wooden Christmas trees, from simple designs to the more elaborate.

To make them you can use tables in wood, recycled pallets or simply dry branches.

The effect is amazing, resulting in a natural, elegant and very original Christmas tree. In addition, if you store it carefully you can use it year after year.

When it comes to decorating the tree go for led lights, whether they are white or colors, but who do not top up too the whole and place your own ribbons and ornaments.

Ornaments For Doors And Walls

Christmas should feel throughout the house, so when it comes to decorating you can remember of doors, walls or from the entrance to the House.

A crown in shades of green and Red will give you a very Christmas air to the door of your House. You can do it using branches of pine and some element of red flowers of Easter, strawberry, or a red or Golden Bells.

You can make some beautiful Christmas ornaments-based rope for interior doors. Choose simple shapes such as a star or the silhouette of a Christmas tree and winds the rope onto the structure. This type of ornaments are very warm and decorative.

This funny Rudolf will look fantastic in the children’s bedroom door or even in the living room wall.