Vintage Clothing and Makeup of Marlene Dietrich Style

Vintage Clothing and Makeup of Marlene Dietrich Style
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Marlene Dietrich as Femme Fatale

Marlene Dietrich made her great breakthrough in 1930. The young Berliner played the lascivious Lola in Josef of Sternbergs film “The Blue Angel”. The screenplay was based on the novel “Professor junk” by Heinrich Mann. The teachers Emil Jannings falls in love with a vaudeville singer, played by Marlene Dietrich, and it perishes.

Marlene Dietrich - 副本

This role of the Femme Fatale was tailored on the body of Marlene. So she not more quite let go of this image of her life. She followed to Hollywood, where she made seven more films with him and eventually became the icon of the movie directed by von Sternberg.

Marlene Dietrich fashion Lola

Marlene Dietrich as Lola in “The Blue Angel”, 1930 via Wikimedia Commons.

The Marlene Dietrich fashion

Marlene Dietrich fashion styling

Preparations for the shooting, with the makeup artist Lisa Schu. Photos of Nórín & Lyra.

Marlene Dietrich 1930 - 副本

In an impressive interview of the mirror with her daughter Maria, which uncovers some sad but also impressive backgrounds about the artist, we learn that Marlene’s regarded as their duty, to be very perfect.

“The Director of Sternberg has created Dietrich, it has accepted this role. She owed it to always be perfect their own legend,”as Maria.

“The birth certificate is a rumor that may at any time deny a woman by her looks.” Marlene Dietrich

To perfect their look and their distinctly narrow cheek bone to put even more in scene sent to four molars. The ladies of the old Hollywood had applied already rigorous methods to perfect their appearance to let.

The masculine look

The wonderful her fashion was the exchange between the sexes.

Her first Hollywood movie, “Morocco”, the cult made their casual, masculine look. Filmed in 1930 with drama star and heartthrob Gary Cooper, it is found for the first time with trouser suit. Dressed as a man, she kissed a woman, what a scandal at that time! The film went around the world, and thus also their progressive fashion.

Marlene Dietrich casual fashion 

I love this image, created in 1933. A light suit and dark tie and flat shoes look devastatingly for their dark lips. She had been warned by the Paris police to show under the threat of arrest in men’s clothes. Federal Archives, via Wikimedia Commons.

Pants and blazers, white shirts, silk blouses to do so as well with loops or frills were in the dressing rooms of the women’s world. Markenes break with the prevailing stereotypes of the time make it a model of the generation of women.

Their pants for the androgynous look was far and straight cut, with creases, also fitted and whose hem reached down to the floor. It was, for example, Oxford lace-ups. Bow tie or tie, Barrett or cylinder, and usually a cigarette in his hand were used as accessories.

The high-contrast imaging of talented photographer Nórín & Lyra fits perfectly to these images of a confident woman in the consumption of cigarillos.

The charming blouse, comfortable pants and vest Lola (oh how I fell in love this outfit!) come from Vecona vintage. The hat I found at Mint & Berry, you can find him here in the sale.

The classic Marlene pants are today a wonderful piece of clothing, in which I feel energized, elegant and stylish as a woman. An absolute must have for an elegant Vintage Lady.

A high quality and a good stuff for those pants are important.

The magic feather headpiece by Tate millinery color fits the clothes by Vecona vintage. You see, we have kept the make-up style still very much in the 20’s.

Long narrow eyebrows, strongly emphasized eyelashes, dark eye shadow and lace, red lips are the hallmarks for the makeup of this time. Marlene itself was often discreet, bright eyes makeup. Conjured up here’s the young makeup artist Lisa Schu.