Vintage Flashlights

Vintage Flashlights
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When using a flashlight has been weakened, he needs to recharge the battery. Do not wait until the battery is exhausted, recharge; do not overload and discharge to avoid damaging the battery life!

Overload load, we need relatively positive and negative, not the positive and negative battery reversed.Indicator charger “red” to charge the flashlight when “green”, it is full, unplug the charger to stop charging the battery charge time is not too long, in general 18650 batteries need 3-6 recharged bell.

Holding the vintage style flashlight inside the wall clean, absolutely can not wipe your hand or a hard object, polish lenses or fingerprints on glass, cotton swab dipped in lens cleaner available and wipe gently.

Vintage Flashlights

A vintage flashlight should avoid the sun or high temperatures placed (placed under room temperature), stopping the torch after use, remove the batteries completely in a cool, dry place. not torch prolonged exposure to sunlight, water, chemicals and gas cloud rot and so on, not to damage the protective layer of the vintage style torch.

1, Moderate head count. Household, usually not more than 12, use the battery in 2 to 3 as well, and then some big waves for other special needs can be determined according to their own needs.

2, Welded to prison. Each diode is connected to the plate by welding, soldering, if the contact is not good, this can cause bulb does not light or affect the overall use.

3, Capacitor bulb surface as possible on one point. This retro lamp can not adjust focus, the purchase must be careful not to have astigmatism.

4, The obvious power of switching contacts. This flashlight use a rotary switch and tighten it open, then back it off, if the contact is not clear when it is easy to cause the flashing phenomenon.

5, Waterproof and dustproof. While it is the electronics, power generation brightly lit LED flashlight fully sealed design, can work in heavy rain, waterproof and dustproof, high temperature resistant, performance high humidity, the can be used in various environmental conditions.