Vintage Froebel Star for Christmas

Vintage Froebel Star for Christmas
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For centuries is the Fröbelstern of one of the most popular craft objects around the Christmas season. Through its three-dimensional appearance he makes magical on the decorated coffee table, or even at the festive Christmas tree.

Fröbelstern crafting guide star

This delicate paper artwork has a very special meaning for me. The educator Friedrich Fröbel was the founder of the kindergarten. The first kindergarten was of him in from 1839 in my hometown, a small village in the heart of Thuringia, founded. So we Fröbel children have can build the star rock heimer in his sleep.

I love the folds, because it’s relaxing and contemplative for my personal vintage impossible to imagine Christmas and a moment of reflection is incredibly important in this hectic time. I designed here a beautiful Fröbelstern crafting guide with background information for you.

There are do-it-yourself kits in the beautiful Christmas colors, and I like to use this one.