Vintage Halloween Makeup

Vintage Halloween Makeup
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Being a woman means being conceited. As emancipated, decisive and authoritative, the temptation of the mirror does not leave us indifferent. But it’s not just as simple vanity, in the sense of rimirarci the mirror in contemplation of our appearance. The female vanity is something much more complex: it includes a set of rituals and especially of products, without which we could not survive! 

Between the amount of cosmetics that crowd our cabinets, the trick starts to be our companion in adventure already in ‘adolescence. Who does not remember the first lipstick, or the first time that we have tried to put the pencil on the eyes, or even the choice of blush (because that was the name until a few years ago) on time of a wrong color?

We certainly made ​​mistakes, but we had fun and discoveries perhaps a little ‘artiste, when we saw for the first time our face transformed by make-up. Because this is the merit of a good trick, enhancing elements of our beauty.

But have you ever stopped to think about how we evolved there also from this point of view? Or better, have you ever thought what they used our grandmothers at our age when they wanted to make themselves more beautiful for a special occasion?

Looking at the vintage catalog of Halloween makeup you will discover a world of women portrayed in black and white using products (more or less natural) to enhance elements of their face. The standards of beauty are very different from those we are used to this day, but all the pictures are united by the element trick, used depending on era and so totally different amounts.

linguistic trends

In addition to products, even the definitions have changed. Some words have been deleted to make room for more popular and practical terms. The trend today is to give way to the definitions in English, without caring that this word exists or not in Italian.


The rouge is the first example of extinct term. It was a cosmetic powder, paste or cream used as a base for makeup. It could be the equivalent of today’s powder. So from now on, when we use the ‘expression rouge’, we know what comes from!

Women of all ages have not had to never miss anything when it comes to make-up. They even had the make-up remover. It was enough to make simple wraps milk, to remove makeup without irritating the skin. Certainly very natural and organic!


To enhance the beauty and depth of the look, there were two products that you could not do without, mascara and a charcoal pencil. Since the mascara was contained in a scoop and was applied with a flat brush, was positioned a small mask over his eyes, from which protruded the lashes. A sort of stencil to avoid smudges on her eyelids.

To stretch the shape of the eye is used, however, the charcoal pencils which basically gave the same result of today’s eyeliner.


The women were applying for a time on the mouth of a brush pigments , later and with many distortions have become lipstick or commonly lipsticks, of which today we have an infinite range for textures and effects, matte or glossy.

To return to the perfection of speech and treatment of forms, even for the lip was applied a stencil which was used to spread the lipstick with the brush as evenly and precisely as possible.The rest of the pencils for lips still had not invented…

The birth of the cosmetics

In the first film, it is said that the trick was simply black, because otherwise you stared on the film. Imagine these poor rigged actresses like for Halloween!

Thanks to its cinematic needs were put to work the specialists of the make up of the stars, to give expressiveness and an enhancement to their face, which otherwise with black or gray would be lost entirely. Makeup artist like Max Factor and Elizabeth Arden began his career as well, making then an empire of cosmetics during the course of the century … But that’s another story!