Vintage Lingerie

Vintage Lingerie
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You can easily find vintage panties on the Internet, more or less recent, more or less expensive but often without suspenders. With a bit of agility, you can easily add 4 6 straps which you have found on flea markets where in your laundress / haberdasher. I advise you to put adjustable but sewn same as if you mount them on small buttons open sheath, they may get into your skin and hurt yourself …
Another important point, place your suspenders so well they find themselves well on the front of your thighs but not in the middle, behind otherwise, your bottom will not be well maintained and you will suffer the martyr when adjustments ties you will return in the thighs … (I tested c ‘terrible!)

Vintage Lingerie

Here they are badly placed at the back as the middle too. They should be placed on the top of the back. Avoid all risk of disgust!

This first experience was excellently conclusive because since I have almost worn over tights … Even biking every day! My stomach was maintained but without pain or discomfort. The pants was not rolling, I was hot to the kidneys, my socks were well maintained without sliding along the leg and I felt terribly “woman”, especially in my interior revelation … Sort of my human condition … I am me seduced and suddenly I think it radiates something different … to others!

In this stage, I quickly went down to elders who are more regular in color intensity are not hitch as those with elastane and which I personally, are warmer and more comfortable …

Choosing the bottom: For sunny days and very 40’s-50’s: THE seamed nylon voile! Very solid, it molds the leg and does not move. By cons, it absolutely must be in your size if not, it slides on the ankle and there … um, it’s not nice at all!
Effect guaranteed with her sewing, her cuts that give unparalleled shapely leg and the screeching of nylon … by cons, you will not find nylon stockings / fashion / vintage with a different colored sewing the color of the bottom seam … Since this is one of the assembly … Hence having the top KeyHole bottom which is the hole for the bottom out of the machine. (basically the technique of bottom seam but others will speak better than me!)

For sports, several vintage bras are available to you at relatively low price! For the luckiest, beautiful silk stockings, rare and expensive, so difficult to produce for the elite. But we find yet … Yes, yes I swear! It’s terribly soft and warm, a second skin somehow! Those I also have a seam along the leg.

Low Type “Damart” which is easily found on the flea market and from the 60’s are also very hot. They are made of polyamide and may resemble what is known today lycra. Slightly shiny, totally opaque, they substitute wonderfully silk. Count 1 of 5 euros the pair negotiate but especially!

And if you do not find in flea market, ask your hosiery the low corner of “granny”. You will see, it will pick you up in a hidden drawer, you rolling dumbstruck, stockings called “foam” flesh-colored, quite thick, opaque and rather too hot! I think there are 2 thicknesses (denier) different. It costs ten euros and it’s perfect for winter!

For coquettish, it is still possible to buy opaque tights, knitted States where patterned and cut off at the top of the leg. It did not file, you may attach them to all her outfits and plus it keeps you warm!

For passionate about vintage fashion, there is also wonders still packed, not even eaten by moths, among professional bargain hunters. It takes a look and cast a wide net and sometimes you have the wonderful gift that your dream comes true … And for a widely decent price too!