Vintage Marlene Dietrich Fashion Review

Vintage Marlene Dietrich Fashion Review
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The Marlene Dietrich fashion – the unique style Of the Hollywood icon

The elegance, uniqueness, to cover the glamorous aura of a Marlene Dietrich in words, is nearly impossible. So much so, she takes people captivated, then as now.

Vintage Marlene Dietrich Fashion Review

Marlene Dietrich fashion

Narrow eyebrows, a heart-shaped the hallmarks of Marlene Dietrich fashion were made-up mouth with dark lips, an elegant and often boyish look.

To an unapproachable, evii view, the deep voice and a smoking cigar. What kind of a Grande Dame. I really admire her on so many levels, and the more I’m with her life and her work, the more I prefer my imaginary hat to this unique artist.

I would like to take you to the time in which Marlene coined the film and fashion like no second. In the time in which a lady turned against all conventions of society. In the time in which the Marlene pants took their origin, a piece of clothing which today to the most elegant and count at the same time comfortable fashionable pieces of each lady.

And I want to show you how you too can closer to the elegant style of this woman.

A distinctive voice

Their wonderful songs are a prelude to the world of Marlene Dietrich’s. I love their soft, sing warm and melancholy way. “Tell me where are the flowers” is about the terrible consequences of the war.

Written by the American Pete Seeger in 1955, it has presented 1962 the first time on German singer the audience. It is today than probably ever. When dealing with Marlene Dietrich, you will probably automatically melancholic agreed.

Lili Marleen is another song by Marlene, who especially touched me and stimulates thinking. The piece from 1937 (see this dictionary for vintage meanings) is a soldier song whose first verse was written by the poet Hans Leip at the beginning of the first world war.