Vintage Men’s Shirts

Vintage Men’s Shirts
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The shirt logo vintage “is back on track!” Music bands who rocked our adolescence shirt vintage regressive, it’s time to show our preferences. But to inspire these are the looks that caught our attention …

Who succumbed to this nostalgic appeal?

All the biggest fashionistas are wearing and we admit that this shirt brings vintage Note that changes everything. But to inspire these are the looks that caught our attention.

How to wear vintage check shirt?

As the Americans say, “dress it up or dress it down,” it is a perfect chameleon that will enhance your look

Vintage Men's Shirts

whether causal or fancy giving it a rock n’roll notes!

Distinguishing mark: the check shirt must be 100% vintage and wear so casually a men’s shirt. Ripped jeans, shorts, a shirt tied at the waist, a pair of derbies and voila! Or conversely, bet on the odds with a long skirt and chic vintage wear your shirt with the sleeves rolled up and a pretty pouch.

How to Modernize a Vintage Shirt

A vintage shirt is supposed to be close to the body but his only fault at the moment is the collar.

It is called pie server collar.
You can upgrade a shirt vintage enlevevant this pass and changing buttons.

Stages of completion

1.Shirt collar consists of two parts: the collar, pointed parts, and collar stand, or attached to the first button.
With the ripper, décousez the collar of the shirt but beware, keep the collar stand is what will give the shirt a collar look.
Loosens the collar stand neck and remove all the small son.
The collar stand is open.

2. Set your sewing machine to straight stitch.
Sew the collar stand at the site of the desultory fashion.

3. Remove the existing buttons if these are pearl (they can be used for making jewelry, for example).
Why do you help scissors and dispose of the small son.

4. Sew back stitch the buttons to their original locations.