Vintage Puppets

Vintage Puppets
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Three young creative realize wonderful softies from original ideas, but with common materials: reusing old vintage fabrics, pieces upholsterer or even clothing itself uninteresting like socks, give life to creations full of color and poetry.

Podobis. A world of fun!

The young Italian photographer Virginia Vittozzi realizes fun hand puppets giving new life to socks! His wonderful characters, brand Podobis, tell a dream and dazed universe, where even the most curious forms become pure beauty and joy! Virginia so he describes his creative idea: “I always had a thing for socks! Wear a pair of socks that I know is one of those things that puts me in a good mood to start the day.”

“It has always seemed that socks could have a possible life now as they were, some seem muzzles of horses, some geese from long neck or giraffes, snakes, ostriches and more. I love to take a second connotation to things, why not do it with socks? The basic idea is in fact from a pair of socks (clean eh!) And turn them into real toys, funny characters with whom to share the game of the life of every day.”

But the socks are not the only sources of inspiration for Virginia, which also manufactures sized puppets more, with different fabrics borrowed from upholstery and tailoring, and large colorful vintage buttons that used to make the eyes of her tender creatures!

Fleeci. From Australia with love!

The sweet characters Fleeci are small creatures, animals from irresistible musetti amazed!There are foxes, rabbits, sheep and dogs, single or even more tenderly with their small, contained in a pouch sewn on the front!

These puppets are handmade with recycled fabrics and eco-friendly padding, it is suitable for children but also for adults! How to resist it to their soft noses? In addition to Fleeci animals, also it produces beautiful cloth sirens, each with its own name and different hair.

TwiiceLoved. sweet little dolls

The British fashion designer Emily Georgiou realizes pretty fabric dolls, delicate-looking, vaguely dream. His passion for flea markets, fashion and sewing has created these lovely young ladies, brand TwiiceLoved . Each has its own dress tailor-made with scraps of vintage fabrics, the design inspired by the fashion of the past: there’s the doll with the dress’ 50s, the one with the faux fur collar 30s, the nice girls minidress with 70s. Each doll is unique, hand made, also on order, for a truly unique and special gift!

You may want to also try to build some nice vintage toys with recycled materials, follow Rctoysadvice.