Vintage Retro Decorating Style

Vintage Retro Decorating Style
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Contrary to popular opinion, decorate his house way vintage does not ask for large investments and the work can very well be done yourself.The vintage is based on the idea that the decoration as has known it in our childhood is carrying a certain charm. In a few words, it is a back to basics. But the vintage can take different forms. If some swear on the decoration of the 80s, others will turn to the chic classic style of the 1950s.

What furniture you choose for a vintage decoration?

The vintage is not necessarily need noble wooden furniture. For a room, for example, it is better to towards furniture that you can paint yourself.

Vintage Retro Decorating Style

To return to the atmosphere of the early 90s, buy twin beds pine or beds with drawers can enhance with shelves set on the length as a night table.

We can ask bedside lamps with proper LED bulbs brightly colored metal.
Drawer bed completes beautifully simple Office and without ornament. We can add a colorful plastic box into a seventies atmosphere.

The vintage may well cross periods, condition not to bad taste.

As a wardrobe, invest in a wardrobe with slats that you garnish of several drawers to store your underwear and your underwear.

If your room is too small, take a dresser and repaint it in a bright color.

The decoration of the walls: what colors combine for a vintage style?

If 70 years have mixed the colors without apparent order, it would be good form to not to reproduce this error, unless you’re an original. To avoid shrinking your pieces, opt for bright colors, preferably Red and white.

Add to it two white walls and stick chalkboard paint on the free wall. Children can draw what they want to chalk and it will be possible to clean their works with a simple sponge.

It is also possible to choose a wallpaper that can be separated by a frieze. The use of the frieze must be done according to specific recommendations. First of all, it must be asked in the sense of width, then it must be matched to the furniture and, finally, if it represents a mineral matter, it must be the same as the set of furniture.

If you have a wooden furniture, never choose an imitation marble frieze. are curtains and sheers vintage way

If your room has a small opening, it is advisable to invest in the red curtains in order to play on the intimate side of the room. This tip is recommended for the rooms for example. Choose otherwise a complementary color to the color of your wall.

It is also possible to keep the white curtains that we will complete by patterns in the form of round or Crescent customizable.

To do this, take a compass and draw a circle on the size of your choice on a Canson paper.

Draw a second, concentric to the first with a lower radius of 5 mm. Cut out the round with a cutter then tape under the pattern you want to paint, place a piece of cardboard. Then, paint the cut space in a bright color with a stencil brush.

Once done painting, dry and gently remove the cardboard sheet in order not to sink the painting that would not dry.Reproduce the handling as many times as necessary. Finally, let dry at least a day before hanging your curtains.Your piece now a seventies look.