Vintage Road Bikes

Vintage Road Bikes
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Gravel Gravel or Bike is a bicycle road bike practice for asphalt and across roads. It is the possibility to escape on trails and paths giving free use to discover landscapes.

Gravel philosophy

This practice comes from the American continent and builders tend to develop it in Europe. The word Gravel (Gravel understand French) expresses an ability to change its routes that result. Roads, trails, forest roads … Your ability to imagine will only limit your evolution! Lovers of long rides will be filled. So, in terms of the philosophical approach, you find here a customer cyclists whose origin (in terms of practice) is diverse and

Vintage Road Bikes

varied (mountain biking, road biking, VTC, …).

A practice that began?

Not really! As mentioned above this discipline knows a great success with our American friends and races are held every year in the middle of splendid landscapes. For example, Barry-Roubaix race.

By contrast, in France, it’s all new! Caminade, manufacturer located towards Perpignan, already launched in the framework of the TwoNav Classic, typical hiking Gravel bike.

The bikes Gravel

For a good understanding of the terms used, please refer to our article: The components of a road bike.

This discipline stems from a mix between mountain biking and cycling endurance on the aesthetic point of view first, but also on the design plan. The geometry is designed to optimize the comfort side. The top tube sees a strong sloping, it is short and the head tube is high.

Read the document: The specifics of a gravel bike

Several manufacturers are beginning to introduce in their catalog a Gravel framework model. Braking is provided by a disc hydraulic system, although low-end models are available in cable drives. The rims are sturdy and consequent tire as sections of 30 or 35mm.

Feature: Hydraulic disc brakes for road bikes

The gear ratios are optimized to go everywhere and on any type of profile.

The equipment for the cyclist Gravel

Forget the outset, the cycling clothes barriolée and filled with advertising, you would be completely off the plate!Holding Gravel Gravel man or woman, it is a return to a retro look and very popular on the wave of the vintage.outfits sober, discreet and charming. Some prefer a large ATV and stylish outfit that gives a casual look!

who offers vintage bike equipment

To date, the online choice for vintage bicycles, especially bike lights, is relatively limited, brands like Alchemy, Argon, BMC, Caminade, Giant, GT, Kona, Specialized… opted to put a bike in their catalog. However, when it comes to talk about in-store availability, it becomes more player and the choice is restricted. Indeed, bouticistes who have so far not taken the risk of buying, commencing practice in France.