Vintage Style for You

Vintage Style for You
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From the closet to the living room, the vintage is everywhere! Looking for the unique and refers to the past, this recent movement brings together lovers of rare coins. But women stop recuperer in their cupboards or their attics, clothing that they, or their mothers, were wearing when they were 20 years old. Nothing to do, it doesn’t work anymore. Even if we twist with most modern coins, when it begins to age, it must, without crisis of cult, dress up in tune with the times. If it has always been ‘eccentric’, anything goes, even up to more than 80 years. If it has ever been, better bet on modern cuts, beautiful materials and wear a bag or a jewel of race. And well to tame this style, he should already know what vintage means and how to wear it.

What is vintage, by the way?

The eBay site opened in France on the eve of the year 2000 helped to find on the net, the original piece as part of the bargain, always ten and twenty years of age. The small facet « vintage” embodies another way to be and to appear. Come from English, the word “vintage” borrowed from devoting wine vocabulary of rare wines, means a ‘grand cru vintage”. Under this banner stretched across the world and has a generational inter character, a small world of fans up against uniformity, and aesthetically economic globalization. Yet, distrust, this is not a style that fits all.

Do not confuse vintage and retro

Mode, the “retro” has always existed in garage sales and flea markets. Old clothes are very sought after by creators who inspired. The fripe became a real object of mode. During the 1990s, it already shows a reaction to the proliferation of signs in the retail and luxury. Then she takes his letters of nobility at the beginning of the year 2000. There is a difference between retro and vintage. Unlike the products ‘second hand’, the vintage is stamped “value” because testifying expertise of materials and outstanding authentic.

The stars get going and make fashion

During the 73th Edition of the Oscars in 2001, Julia Roberts sacred best actress for her role in ‘Erin Brockovich’ Steven Soderbergh receives his trophy in a dress “vintage” Valentino 1992 total on blogs olie. The audacity of the star transforms it into mentor of the current “vintage or not.” Demi Moore, Winona Ryder, Nicole Kidman, Jennifer Lopez or Vanessa Paradis claim the difference in turn and no longer in vintage displayed. It must be said that Patricia Fields, the Stylist of the series “Sex in the city” had been an apologist for the claws of once dressed Carrie Bradshaw alias, Sarah Jessica Parker, outdated pieces. but that was before…

After a certain age, use moderation

Unfortunately, the vintage does not at all ages, or everyone. Must go with tweezers and make the right choices, despite the injunction to always look for the rarest clothing possible. After a certain age, the vintage does not benefit, but then, not at all! Seventies style when you have fifty years is a real mistake, there is no size fine enough, nor as light approach. Apart from the Yves Saint Laurent jacket or Tuxedo, stamped 1966, who have taken a fold or a ride as the dress print Prada mouth, (spring / summer 1999), always as elegant and sleek. If this is not a classic fashion, preferably Designer, not worth to highlight past forty years, the vision of her great aunt, Courrèges trapeze or dress all Yohji Yamamoto bought in the 1980s. Everything that is not “classic” quite a kick of old to the older ones, which should rather rely on the Accessories: jewelry, handbags and scarves. Part of the total being almost deadly…