Vintage Style Sunglasses

Vintage Style Sunglasses
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In 1752 the first tinted eyeglass lenses appear with the English scientist James Ayscough. He did not think create the first sunglasses, but was convinced that blue or green allowed to treat ametropia.

It was not until 1929 that Sam Foster sold the first sunglasses in the world in his shop located near the beaches of Atlantic City (New Jersey, USA). He did not even take a year to this small object to become a staple of fashion.

A few years later, the US military will realize the benefit that could represent these tinted glasses. The Navy of airline pilots are indeed often exposed to high luminosities. The laboratory Bausch & Lomb, whom the army has appealed makes the first prototypes, tinged with a particular green, limiting glare.
Quickly, everyone wants to change this invention. With the progress of research on light, the scientist Edwin H. Land create the polarizing glass in 1936. These glasses restrict glare and thus increase wearer comfort sunglasses. Ray Ban is the first brand to respond by equipping some models with this filter and present a year later the famous Ray Ban © “Aviator”, successfully glasses that are still today one of the best selling models in the world.

Sunglasses arrive in Europe

The French meanwhile discover the © Ray Ban “Aviator” upon release. Without even resorting to advertising it will be a success for the brand in Europe. Everyone will want to get these glasses that American soldiers marching through the streets of Paris, proudly wear the collar of their shirt. Like the Chewing Gum and the Willys Jeep, Ray Ban © “Aviator” will become a must have.

Less than ten years after the end of World War II, Foster Grant (brand Sam Foster) is launching a major advertising campaign to emphasize the chic appearance sunglasses.Unlike her older sisters, eyeglasses, sunglasses quickly go out of paramedical to become a fashion accessory inseparable from the summer.

Then comes the mass consumption era. The sunglasses become the means of finger stars like Elvis Presley or Brigitte Bardot . In every magazine, Stars pose with their sunglasses. It is the advent of brands such as Dior, Ray Ban and Carrera . Gradually, these glasses are gaining the catwalk fashion shows, gradually becoming symbols of luxury and refinement. Couturiers even beginning to be interested in this fashion by creating their own private collections.

The advent of sunglasses

Color, shape, protection, here now the watchwords when choosing a pair of sunglasses. Technological innovations, particularly the treatment of materials allow an offering of increasingly diverse, even for eyeglass wearers (Oakley proposes to glasses your views on some of its frames).
If the stars continue to reveal future trends, they are increasingly likely to create their own collections by partnering with the most prestigious brands. Others have chosen to be displayed with a single brand they never leave.

The vintage sunglasses: the retro fashion accessory

Fashion designers are inspired many of 50.60 years and 70 for their creations and sunglasses are no exception to the rule. Ray-Ban has particularly played a lot on the time and on almost all its models. The wayfarer, the aviator, the cats, the retro leg is widely seen as well on the form in the name. So what glasses should you choose to incorporate in a vintage dress?


To begin, start in the 60s, with Jackie Kennedy and little Chanel suits, everything, everything … The shape of sunglasses trend at that time was the form called fly: the glasses were round or oval but anyway over-size. These glasses pretty retro glasses are also returned to date from about 3 or 4 seasons. Include the famous model Ray BanJackie Ohh, preferably in black for a glamorous star look, as his muse. Less popular, Vogue VO 2731S model beige pink is perfect for capturing the preppy chic looks of the 60s, those of American skirts cut in Dior, Chanel jacket and long silk gloves.

Sunglasses 70s.

The other big trend sunglasses in the 70s and 80s, it is the color. To fly looks very seventies, it does not hesitate to add a pair of sunglasses with neon colored frames, neon called today (but that means the same thing): pink, orange, yellow, that warm colors that make you want to party. We recommend the Prada Postcards transparent pink and the Prada PR 21NS orange for very feminine sunglasses and vintage spirit.