Vintage Treasures to Buy – the Auction House 2.0

Vintage Treasures to Buy – the Auction House 2.0
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Not everything used to be better. But the quality of the furniture, I must confess: A modern furniture store can record it with my Junk finds and flea market treasures auctioned antiques! Because at that time, clothes, furniture and decorations were still produced for a whole life and had to keep not only up to the next trend. Unfortunately, it is not always so easy to get to the true treasures.

Often disappointed the selection at the flea market and on the popular online platforms you are looking for is dumb and stupid until you ware has worked off the filthy furniture of modern times and the normal 2nd hand and ends up rarities for true vintage. To save time and nerves, a solution had to be found. And so I am pushed auctionet.

auctionet – the auction house 2.0

Not everyone lives so situated that he can visit auctions in great and above all good auction houses. Perhaps you don’t trust you also simply or laziness WINS and too burdensome is the way to the auction house. Who still want to come at his own expense, which should look past at auctionet. autctionet is the auction of the new generation. Treasures from prestigious auction houses, are what guarantees that you get goods that is well worth its price adjusted. Not every dahergelaufene Hans and Franz can adjust his second-hand clothes. The selection is thus somewhat smaller, but the quality of the goods is therefore much better than on other auctions and purchase pages.

The best thing about auctionet: You can rely totally on the description of the article, because thanks to the auctionet guarantee your article that match the description, not can give back! Looking so a safety somewhere else in vain, what often leads to disappointment if the merchandise arrives. Due to missing security before the one or the other vintage part through the cloth I ran; This will no longer happen to me in the future. Because here, I know that I get really, what I think to bid!

So. And I must say goodbye now good people, by you, for the next deals run out and then it says: 3, 2, 1 – all vintage treasures are mine!