Wedding Dresses

Wedding Dresses
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Festive ballrooms, stunning dresses, royal societies and the little secrets that such a life brings. It all sounds like a fairytale book, doesn’t it? But don’t worry, girls, it doesn’t have to be. For at last the waiting has come to an end! Galia Lahav comes back with her new collection. And this is as stunning as it is royal.

The Le Secret Royal Part II collection is inspired by Queens ‘ Bridal couture. The different bridal gown models are equipped with plenty of silk, many embroidery, tulle skirts and beautiful chantilly lace. So, my queens, on your royal wedding, you can’t miss a vintage dress from this great collection. Because, we all know, a queen in the Heart also deserves a royal wedding vintage dress. Dreaming is allowed in any case.

Royal invitation–Galia Lahav asks for the wedding

I’m still overwhelmed by this collection and a little speechless. In the beginning, the designer Galia Lahav had a wish for the Le Secret Royal Part II collection. She wanted to express her love for couture dresses. With extravagant silhouettes and floral details, she created a decorative design full of warm earth tones and light rosefarbenen nuances. According to VintageinConfidential, these wedding dresses are just something very special and let you shine on your most beautiful day of life.

The different lengths, color spectra and ornamental details of the different models, offer each bride the opportunity to bring out her inner queen. The essence, self-confidence and secret life of the royals were captured in a perfectly coordinated collection.

Galia Lahav created a wedding dream with her latest collection. The designs work in a familiar way, but are exceptional and compliment each other on the journey to the royal throne. I wish you a lot of fun with these enchanting pictures and always remember:

“He didn’t marry you to become king.

He became king because he wanted to marry you. ”

–Megan Whalen Turner, the King of Attolia

Design and photos by Galia Lahav

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