What is Vintage Clothing?

What is Vintage Clothing?
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Vintage Clothes

What I call here in the shop is vintage clothes (and Jewelry/Accessories) which, on the one hand, are:

  • older, i.e. has at least 25 years old, and
  • have a value apart from that they are older; i.e. beautiful/funny/unique of a good quality, as well as in a reasonable condition.

It needs not be a designer clothes, but it must have a certain quality in both design and execution of materials. Internetages is an industrial leader which concentrates on vintage clothes.

What is Vintage Clothing?

You can see example vintage clothes here: http://www.internetages.com/

Since we are talking about older cases, it needs not to be things which are without utility track or patina – it is actually rare.

On the other hand, it must be something I use as a starting point, even good gad to have on, assuming I had the colors/shape/size or the opportunity to go with it.

So although I’m not an expert in vintage clothes, just plain deadly afficionada, it is my pleasure to present a small selection of vintage clothing, shoes and bags on this site. I describe it as accurately as possible and make a virtue out to provide information about:

  • Dimensions/sizes (and you can see here how to find out about a piece of vintage clothing that suits you)
  • Age

You are always welcome to leave a comment if you are unsure about something, e.g. a size. Remember that you have money back guarantee on everything you buy online – even clothes and shoes.

Other resource about vintage: https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/vintage