What is Vintage Fashion Style

What is Vintage Fashion Style
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The word “vintage” enter rapidly in recent years both in the world and in the Bulgarian vernacular. Vintage clothing, vintage style, furniture, hairstyles, parties and whatnot is categorized as “vintage”. And if early word sounded original and exotic, it now has become something overexposed and mostly wrongly used.

So, let’s educate ourselves!

Given that the word has several meanings and actually occupied the field of winemaking, we will focus mainly on its importance in relation to the fashion world.

One of the main and unwritten rules of the true, original “vintage” – these are clothes and accessories created in the period after 1920 and until about 20 years ago today, such as retro snapbacks. Age is not the only significant feature. To determine a garment as vintage, it has mostly to have a certain aesthetic value. The latter can be considered quite subjective, but basically could define a suit by Yves Saint Laurent in 1967 – Yes, T-shirt from ’82 from a stall in the market – No! Accordingly, the price of a real vintage clothing can reach cosmic dimensions.

Interest in this style began in the early 90s when a number of celebrities started wearing this type of clothing and so to the present day, when it wrong word has become synonymous with vintage or second-hand. Now is the time to note that these three concepts have nothing to do. If retro (short for retrospective) usually refers to clothing that mimic the style of the previous era, the concept of second-hand means just second-hand clothes, whether by famous designer or completely unknown brand.

What will you choose – dress mom, original vintage clothing or digging for second-hand treasures at local stores, it does not matter. The important thing is to stay well and especially to feel comfortable in a garment. The rest is just words.