What is Vintage?

What is Vintage?
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I start by saying that I pronounce vintage as pronounced garage, ie, Vin-ta-ge. If you still are eager to tell you more, here we go … And this is a bit special post, because getting to tell “what is this the vintage ” after calling your blog “Vintage & Chic” in April 2008 and writing more than 2,000 entries, mostly on the subject, perhaps a little weird, but anyway, it ‘s never too late if that is good and with the things I read sometimes, I wanted to give my own opinion on the subject; ) … And as well much @ s are those who have asked me in the mail that what is vintage  or what things are or are not vintage , say that this is a post that I owe. Without being any expert in the matter (oops, either in this or any other), what I know is that if an object is new, it may not be vintage , like an antique can not be right out of factory or hands of a craftsman. A matter of pure logic? For me yes, and also it makes it very clear, black on white, though in English, the dictionary Collins -photo – lower.

Vintage is an English word, pronounced Anglo – Saxon vintich , with accent on the first iy comes to amount to “classic” or “period” in Castilian, just as you would use to say “a classic car”. For some years, it is used for almost everything, and there is often confusion and we see defined as “vintage” inspired something in previous decades but is new. English is used to designate ancient objects (either in fashion, cars, furniture) that his age does not come to be considered an antique but do have a quality, a “something” that makes them special. And, of course, is a word that is commonly used in the world of wine, it comes from.

Apparently, the word “vintage“, also in English means “harvest” or “vintage” is taken from the French “vendange” also vintage. However there is no French word “vintage” rather than anglicized (and what I could observe, from a few years now ago), hence the French pronounce it “English”. The paradox is that many of us speaking, we do, we French!;)

In this version-tocho French dictionary Petit Robert in the early 90s, it does not appear “vintage” by anywhere …

And in this snapshot of online dictionary Larousse figure as anglicized. Textually “(English word meaning ancient period)”

In two words, to say that an object is vintage you must have dozens of years behind , that time has marked on his tracks (in decor, of course) and that tells a story in itself, so reproductions parts of past or old vintage inspiration are not. What I can say is they have a “vintage air”, an inspiration, an influence …


Oh, and then we come to debate, depending on their quality, origin and age what is vintage and what simply is old or directly an antique. But that is subject for another day and there I think it will be difficult to reach a conclusion …


And if someone has something to aim for, is it not agree or believe that there is something wrong in what I tell you, I’m all ears, as I said at first, is not an expert in any subject and learn is something that fascinates me. Yes, please, who does not agree ‘Let him!!! document. I am pure science, what can we do …;)