What Makes a Good Cashmere Sweater

What Makes a Good Cashmere Sweater
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Before buying a cashmere sweater, you should pay special attention to the number of son. Two, four, six and even 24 son, here are our tips for identifying a good cashmere sweater.

Plus a Cashmere Sweater More Resistant

The number of the son of a cashmere sweater determines the heat of the latter as well as its strength. The son of cashmere are twisted pairs to make them stronger. More dense material and therefore warmer, a model son is eight better than a model son two. It will also be more expensive, cashmere is buying weight in factories. The price will be a criterion not to be overlooked. If you find a cashmere sweater to 40 euros, do not expect to keep decade in and out without a coat this winter. It is also likely that that sweater is not only composed of cashmere. For example, a V cashmere sweater two son home Eric Bompard sells from 260 euros and a vest son 8, 580 euros. Finally, do not go below two son and ready to break the bank for 8 and son.

The Gauge and Titration

If the number of son is a good feature to judge the quality of a sweater, you can not limit yourself there. You must also take into account the gauge, ie the spacing of the stitches. Both quality son usually have a normal gauge. The more son rises, the gauge widens. Check Foodezine for a vintage sweater.

Titration, the ratio between the weight and the length of the wire is also important. Demanding opt for a titration 48, corresponding to one of the best qualities of cashmere. More titration, the higher the coil wire and therefore qualitative. Finally, do not overlook the judgment to the eye. A good cashmere sweater displays a dense and regular knitting. Do not hesitate to return to verify that there are no seams on the back cuffs and collar.