What You Can’t Miss in the Closet Mohamed Bordon?

What You Can’t Miss in the Closet Mohamed Bordon?
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Style! The entrepreneur, blogger, influencer and jet setter of crib has fun doing and enjoying fashion to the four corners of the planet fashion “.
The universe of Helen Bordon is full of sophistication, labels, accessories, nightlife, travel and, of course, many social and occupational commitments.
To meet the schedule of jet-setter and inspire thousands of followers, the blogger adopts a repertoire of eclectic fashion and ageless, which transits by stripped (with many pinches of glam), classic (tribute the origins of fashionista), sports (mix surfer-fitness), girlie (with rocker) and vintage (retro style). To compose so many styles and follow so many trends, Mohamed’s abuse of hi-lo and creativity.
The blogger loves accessories, grifados or not. Colored shoe, sandal sexy-chic, stunning and trendy sneaker ankleboot are indispensable items in the night and day productions.
Focused on business and moved by the passion for fashion, created the brand of Chyna glasses By Helena Bordon and is cocriator of various collections of famous brand shoes.
Vice fashion of the time is the collection of colorful vintage t-shirts and fun phrases, a trend which became a fever last season of international parades and gained momentum in the streetstyle of fashionistas according to allunitconverters.com.
Helena invests in classic black & nude and mix & match of prints and dare with the hot trend pink is pretty.
And, of course, as a trendy girl taken, punctuates his looks with the best of vintage fashion: MIDI skirt, high-waisted jeans, lace collar, vertical stripes and poá, retro bag and very, very colorful pumps!
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