10 Curiosities about Jeans for You Want to Resell Now!

10 Curiosities about Jeans for You Want to Resell Now!
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Today we will bring to you some interesting curiosities about our beloved jeans, the most democratic piece of fashion. Today it is mandatory in 100% of everyone’sclosets all for comfort, style and authenticity.

So if you want to know a little more about this incredible piece that has conquered crowds, check out these curiosities about jeans.

1-Do You Know Who Invented The Jeans?

His name is Levi Strauss, a born German but of American nationality, coming from a family that already worked in the textile sector, Strauss found a need to help the garimpeiros to obtain a more resistant and comfortable clothing in order to increase the productivity of the work.

2-Where Did The Jeans Come From?

The jeans fabric was manufactured in the city of Nimes, France. Those who enjoyed the fabrics were the sailors in the city of Genova.

3-Why Names Jeans And Denim?

The earliest expressions appeared in 1567 there in Genoa and referred to sailors’ trousers as genoese or genes that soon ended up simplifying as jeans. As the jeans fabric was manufactured in the city of Nimes, local traders referred to the product as “woven from Nimes” and soon shortened to “denim” and became known worldwide and to this day refer to jeans fabric as denim.

4-Do You Know All The Washes That Jeans Fabric Has?

The jeans fabric is one of the most versatile and most custom fabrics on the market today it has numerous different washes and we can cite the main ones: Advanced color, three-dimensional mustache, biofomo, black jeans, stone washed, estonagem, acid washed, craquelado, délavé, destroyed , Dirty washed, vintage, print color, dirty washed, light washed, gold wash, dusty wash, fix-pin, etc.

5-First Time The Jeans Appeared On The RunwaysWho introduced for the first time on the runways the jeans was the stylist Calvin Klein in the year 1970.

6-What Is The First Tonality Of The Jeans?

When the jeans appeared, their color of origin was indigo and dark blue in color. Its pigmentation was extracted from the indigus plant.

7-What Is The Front Pocket For?

Many have even wondered about the usefulness of that fifth jeans pocket, and the truth is that it was designed for the workers to keep the old-fashioned pocket watch fit perfectly in the pocket.

8-What Are The Main Models Of Jeans?

The most widely used and well-known models in the world are: the traditional cut straight, antifit, semibaggy, bootcut, tight fit or slim fit, cigarette, oversized and skinny.

9-Did You Know That Brazil Is The Second Country That Most Uses Jeans?

In an IBOPE survey, the jeans are a national preference. Among 1,000 respondents, 46% wear jeans every day and says that the average Brazilian has 8 jeans in the wardrobe.

10-Why Does Everyone Like Jeans?

Because jeans is the most versatile and original piece in the world. Jeans can be worn on several occasions and simply combines with all styles, from the most formal to the most stripped. It is a piece that fits perfectly to any silhouette with total comfort and style. That’s why it’s the best-selling piece in the world which turns out to be an extremely lucrative business for resellers.

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