A Tour of The Pastry Shops of Madrid to Remove Your Sweeter Side

A Tour of The Pastry Shops of Madrid to Remove Your Sweeter Side
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If you’re a person love which sweeten life, Madrid hides different pastry shops to buy the best sweets and enjoy snacks or breakfast more chic or the more traditional. We suggest a route for these 9 cake shops in Madrid to remove your sweeter side. You will not regret visiting them!

Mama Framboise

The workshop of French most famous of Madrid is Mama Framboise. There are two, but I’m going to focus on the original. For a snack or breakfast enjoy a very cute space with a rich pastry, pastries, cakes, puff pastry, chocolates… There are quiches, sandwiches and salads if you prefer something salty. Proposals that you can attach a special coffee, a good wine or a French champagne and with a backdrop of cozy vintage decor. Also you can take home their delicious tarts or pies. Do my favorite? Of raspberries. Calle Fernando VI, 23. Phone: 913 91 43 64.


I acknowledge that it is my favorite pastry when we speak of cupcakes. They are a real delight! Bakery Mallorca is one of the historic properties in Madrid. On October 31, 1931 opened its first store to the public in the calle Bravo Murillo with the ensaimadas as product star and now has expanded to 11 pastelerias-tiendas and 3 cafes, as well as open spaces in Mexico and Japan. In regards to bakery, you’ll find all kinds of sweets, in addition to the typical corresponding to each season of the year (roscón, Holy bones, doughnuts, fritters) and all with a variety of flavors. The pastry is delicious and Roma arms a delight.

The Duquesita

Founded in 1914 this legendary pastry shop has been renovated thanks to Oriol Balaguer. His specialty is the chocolates made with the best Cocoas and the Cupcakes for carry, always remain faithful to the tradition of this century-old brand. But you can find everything from cakes and desserts of season until artisan pastries. The decor is vintage, while retaining all the iconic elements of this local friendly. Facade maintains the engraving central “chocolates and fine candies”, while inside the counters, showcases of wood, mirrors and the lamp located in the center of the settlement, all of century remain restored. Calle Fernando VI, 2. Phone: 913 08 02 31.


Founded in 1931 by an Irish, Embassy specializes in chocolates, cakes, cupcakes, macarons… but this Classic pastry Madrid has grown and it has become restaurant, tea room to enjoy a tempting snack or a chic breakfast, is Obrador, Delicatessen, chocolate shop y catering. Paseo de la Castellana, 12. Phone: 914 35 94 80.

The best cake of chocolate in the world

At this inconspicuous bakery only chocolate cakes are sold. So if you’re an inveterate chocolate loco, you have to try it. They say that it is the best in the world and is the name of this small place, which goes almost unnoticed, and it is located in the very streets of Alcalá. The cake is layered with a unique recipe, without flour. The result? Very rich. You can also purchase it online or try it in one of the terrace tables overlooking El Retiro. Calle de Alcalá, 89. Phone: 915 77 50 08.

Casa Mira

Now that comes Christmas, I can not forget one of the most mythical bakeries in Madrid: Casa Mira. Founded in 1842 (during the reign of Isabel II was provider of the Royal House), this confectionery located in the heart of the capital, keeps its luxurious decor of yesteryear and is famous for the Nougat production. You can also find candy, marzipan and polvorones to carry. S. Jeronimo Carrera, 30. Phone: 914 29 88 95.

Moulin Chocolat

If you’re a chocoholic, Moulin Chocolat is your pastry. We are a Spanish bakery but French-inspired where almost everything is chocolate. The workshop features coming from the French company Valrhona chocolate and his delicious creations are made from chocolate. Also their Macarons are delicious! Calle de Alcalá, 77. Phone: 914 31 81 45

Oriol Balaguer

Oriol Balaguer, is located in the heart of Salamanca district one elegant Patisserie where will find elaborate cakes, large cakes and chocolates of author’s jewelry and catering service. As its name indicates, is commanded by the master pastry chef Oriol Balaguer, so each sweet piece boasts a contemporary touch in terms of the presentation refers. His latest award? The best craftsman in Spain 2014 butter Croissant. A space that is a must-see. Calle de Jose Ortega y Gasset, 44. Phone: 914 01 64 63.

San Onofre

The chain of pastry shops San Onefre is other of the most iconic of the city. His specialty is the twisted roll of Kings, but their buns and Deli are famous for their fantastic quality and classic style, as well as the bakery part. Madrid already has five bakeries distributed by the Centre of the capital. Born in 1972 the original address is Calle San Onefre, 3. Phone: 915 22 72 16.