About Belgium

About Belgium

Holidays in Belgium can be considered one of the best among European countries. The fabulous medieval architecture of Belgian cities, unique landscapes, numerous castles and unique Belgian cuisine can make your holiday in this country unique. Although Belgium is considered the most “expensive” tourist destination, it is still the center of a respectable European holiday, and tours to this country are full of rich excursion programs.

Geography of Belgium

Lying in the northwest of Europe, according to Smber, Belgium borders countries such as Germany, the Netherlands, France and Luxembourg, and is also washed by the North Sea. The relief of the country can be described as flat, but nevertheless it is very dissected by numerous hills and high mountains. On many islands of the archipelago, extinct volcanoes, crater lakes and lava fields remain. Earthquakes happen here periodically.




The area of Belgium is 30,528 km. sq., occupies the 139th place in the world by area.


10 431 477


The national currency is the Euro (EUR).


The official language is Dutch, French, German.

Visa to Belgium

Citizens of the Russian Federation to enter the territory of Belgium must obtain a Schengen visa category C. For a child, as well as for an adult, it is also required to fill out a questionnaire, and both parents must sign it, regardless of whether he is traveling with one of them or accompanied by third parties. A visa is issued within 3-14 working days, but in some cases the consular department may make a request to the Belgian Foreign Ministry, which will take additional time, so it is advisable to submit documents three weeks before the trip. A short-term visa can be valid for 3 months from the date of its receipt. The consular fee, as for all Schengen visas, is 35 euros.

Weather in Belgium

Belgium is characterized by a maritime temperate and fairly mild climate. The average annual temperature is +12 C. The coldest month of the year is January, at which time the temperature can drop to +3 C, and the hottest month is July +14 +18 C. Quite often there are periods when the weather in Belgium changes dramatically, so for example, in the summer, a cold snap can begin abruptly. Most of the precipitation, and they fall here from 700 to 1500 mm, falls in autumn-winter. The best time to travel to Belgium is summer.


220V/50Hz (European sockets).


About 70% of the inhabitants of Belgium are Catholics, as well as 2% of people who profess Islam and representatives of other religions live in the country.


The level of security in the country is quite high, although recently there has been an increase in the number of pickpockets. You need to be as careful as possible at Brussels train stations, metro and public transport. It is advisable to keep the minimum amount of money with you.


To enter the country, you must have a vaccination certificate, as well as a medical insurance policy. Only first aid is provided free of charge.

About Belgium

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