Battleship Memorial Park

Alabama Sights

Alabama Jazz Hall of Fame

Alabama is one of the musical states in the south of the US. You are also reminded of this in Birmingham. The Afro-American roots cannot be erased here either and in addition to the Civil Rights Institute and the beautiful Sixteenth Street Baptist Church, the Alabama Jazz Hall of Fame is also located here.

This is a fun outing for jazz connoisseurs and laymen alike. This music hall was opened in 1978. Some of Alabama’s great jazz legends are commemorated here through exhibits. A few names are Nat King Cole and Duke Ellington.

Red Mountain, Vulcan Park

One of the most interesting places to visit while in Birmingham is undoubtedly Red Mountain. Today this mountain is located in the Red Mountain park. The park is so big that as a city park it even surpasses Central Park in New York! You can enjoy a lovely walk, enjoy yourself on the football field or simply enjoy your pick-nick on the edge of the lake.

Red Mountain gets its name from the rust color the mountain has. On top of this mountain is Vulcan Park from where you have great views over the city of Birmingham. Here, on top of the mountain, stands the world’s largest cast iron statue of the Roman god Vulcan, the god of fire. The 17-metre statue was built in 1904 and was initially intended as a city symbol of Birmingham.

Importance of the monument

Today, the monument is the epitome of what Birmingham was, is, and how it should be in the future. This is therefore an important place for the city. Near the monument is a visitor center where an interactive exhibition has been created. This is to make people aware of the history of the statue and the surroundings of Birmingham. This is also the place for you to enjoy the surroundings and tranquility of Birmingham!


Are you in Alabama and want to enjoy the sea? Then you absolutely must be in Mobile! Mobile is Alabama’s only port city. It is a small city compared to the other American metropolises. Still, it is Alabama’s fourth largest city with a population of approximately 200,000 people. Let yourself be surprised and travel to Mobile!

Thanks to its proximity to the Gulf of Mexico, this city has a wonderful tropical breeze. In summer it can get very muggy and hot and winters are very mild, but with a lot of rain. The city is located exactly in the area where many tropical storms and hurricanes rage in the summer. In 2005, the city also suffered damage from Hurricane Katrina.

Carnival Mobile style

Mobile is home to many cultures thanks to its colonial history. Think of Caribbean but also French and Spanish influences. This makes Mobile an atmospheric, festive city. Mardi Gras and the Carnival, more famous in Europe, are celebrated here very exuberantly. They take these festivities very seriously and the inhabitants make it something very special every year. Are you around Mobile and like to party? Then make sure to check if you fall head over heels for the festivals!

Mobile Museum of Art

Even if you don’t like museums, the Mobile Museum of Art is a must. The museum recently underwent a metamorphosis. With an area of ​​almost 9,000 square meters, the size of the museum has tripled. Of course, works from the South are well represented in the MMoA, but you will also find African works of art and even a European collection here.

The museum’s collection is one where historical art and contemporary art are both well represented. Every so often the museum changes its temporary exhibitions that are just as interesting. Something for everyone! The museum is located at Langan Park and is open every day of the week, from 10 am to 5 pm, except on Sundays it is only open from 1 pm.

Battleship Memorial Park

Historic Landmark is located in Mobile on Mobile Bay. The Battleship Memorial Landmark contains a submarine and a warship from the American fleet during World War II. Of course you can admire these beautiful ships from the ground, but Mobile is located in America and they just love to unpack. You can fly over the park by helicopter! Do you want to make your friends at home jealous? Then this flight is an absolute must to shoot the most exclusive holiday snaps.

Battleship Memorial Park

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