Artisan Transforms Old Christmas Ornaments

Artisan Transforms Old Christmas Ornaments
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The Christmas wreath is one of the most representative ornaments this time of year.Announcing joy and welcoming to the parties and to the loved ones who visit us, they decorate and give charm in the decoration of the gateways around the world. Among its uses, carries symbols of prosperity, protection, wealth, health and, of course, festivity.

Artisan Transforms Old Christmas Ornaments

Creative and original, the garlands can be crafted with the material you want or purchased ready. For those who don’t let the retro and vintage side or on holidays, we present a project that will make your eyes sparkle this Christmas. Is the Vintage Christmas Glittermoon of the artisan Cackie Trippe McCarty, residing in Richmond, Virginia, United States.
Basically, since 2011, Cackie’s work is to collect antique Christmas ornaments, such as polka dots, stars, Santas, Angels, reindeer and the like, and use these materials to create new garlands, completely vintage. According to, the result is truly amazing and rescues the beauty and simplicity of Christmas. The ornaments can be ordered through the website of the artisan.Check out photos below:

Artisan Transforms Old Christmas Ornaments 1
The origin of garlands
Despite having a significance in Christianity, it is known that your source is right before him. Already at the time of the pagan Greeks, the garlands were used on the doors as an “adornment of attraction” to the gods. In ancient Egypt were placed at the entrance of temples, in the religious festivities and worn as headdress.
In the middle ages, still didn’t have much relationship with Christmas. Were used all year, but with pagan connotation – symbolizing welcome, protection against witches, demons and bad luck, was exposed at the door of homes along with the family crest.

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Already in ancient Rome, was made with a rolled-up branch in the form of Crown (who does not remember the laurel wreath of the Emperor Julius Cesar?). When positioned at the door of the houses meant for all the inhabitants.
For the Catholic Church, the Garland signifies the beginning of the season of advent, the four weeks preceding the Christmas-period of preparation for the celebration of the birth of Jesus. Is made with green branches, intertwined in the form of a circle where are fixed 4 large candles, lit one every Sunday, at the altar. When complete, the lights announce the arrival of Christ the Saviour, bringing hope for all mankind.

Artisan Transforms Old Christmas Ornaments 2