Attack of the Fluffy Parkas – the Autumn Winter Collection by Marlino

Attack of the Fluffy Parkas – the Autumn Winter Collection by Marlino
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Already very early, the fashion trends for the late season (fall, winter) are set in the year. It is given the opportunity so the fashion-conscious people, in time his public appearance during the colder season to tune in to, although the summer is not yet properly started.

Have long held the pre fall collections in New York and the current direction of this year’s autumn / winter fashion given a rough framework that may not quite go to the southern German fashion company Marlino or overlooked and would like to. It’s the orientation of the world’s largest labels and to Postmodernism. Assuming that the inspirational basis of this trend in the exhibition of “Postmodernism” in London’s Victoria & Albert Museum is found, in which among other things the fashion trends were presented from the beginning of the 1970s combined years up to the early 90s.
But the renowned Munich label “Marlino” scores yet as usual with a standalone fashion and an unmistakably individual and at the same time practical style.

The peculiarity of Marlino fashion is that materials which have been processed to autumn jackets or rack, have a very special look with a high recognition value. So, the surfaces of the materials often have a look that gives the impression that the clothing was already been worn by weather or long carrying and been in addition subject to the bleaching effect of the Sun. This technique is called vintage-look, and it is a stylistic feature of Marlino.
But Marlino is not a label that is characterized by simplicity, or simple write. Marlino fashion surprised by special accents and in particular interesting contrasts. High-quality materials such as
Leather, fine wool or fur are the interesting contrast to the vintage look of the material also used. Detail and fine workmanship make the fashion of Marlino a real eye catcher.

Jackets and parkas fea­ture is at Marlino frequently, of both sexes to be equally portable.
Typical colors of Marlino 2012/13 autumn-winter collection is characterized by rather muted colors that can move by strong olive shades to very dark shades.

Examples of clothing from the autumn / winter collection
Marlino remains true even in this year’s autumn / winter fashion of its typical appearance. As usual different men’s and women’s jackets and-Parkas sometimes only slightly. Many models can be worn interchangeably by both sexes. Concerns such as the “field Jule”, a rather slim cut outdoor jacket in classic cut type. The waisted necking, allows men and women regardless of their actual abundance of body a beneficial and sporty appearance is striking. For example the “leather jacket joy” shows that the pre-fall collections in New York affect also the fashion of Marlino, available, which is for men and women in identical cut a bold soon, which ended the Blouson significantly above the belt. A fashion trend that strongly reminiscent of the 1980s.

The colors are consistently, such as for Marlino, rather muted colors that stand out, but as a result, that they move frequently in the white or beige, with shades of brown or grey-greenish nuances are also represented.