Attractions in Belgrade

Attractions in Belgrade

Given that Belgrade is one of Europe’s oldest capitals, it is a matter of course that the city carries a solid and exciting history. An exciting story also provides interesting sights.

Kalemegdan Park

Kalemegdan Park is a park worth visiting when you go to Belgrade but it is also a park that is hard to miss, as the park is located in the middle of the city center. For the sake of simplicity, the park has been divided into two different parts, the small (Mali Park) and the large (Veliki Park).

The park is a popular destination for both tourists and locals. Here there is often full activity with people who have an excursion with their own picnic, but there are also many concerts and events that are arranged here.

In the small part of the park there is also Belgrade Zoo which is also a popular tourist destination and a unique zoo that is over 80 years old.

Belgrade Fort

Belgrade is one of Europe’s oldest capitals and there are plenty of buildings with a history that stretches far back in time. One such building is Belgrade Fort which is an old fortress. The fort is located high on a white ridge and from above you have a wonderful view of the intertwining of the rivers Danube and Sava. When visiting the fort, it may be worth booking a guide to hear more about the history of the fortress.

Nikola Tesla Museum

When you are in a city like Belgrade, it is a given to visit a museum to see more of the city’s history. Nikola Tesla Museum is a technology and history museum and is popular with tourists. Nikla Tesla was an inventor who was completely unique in his time and was at the forefront when electricity became commercial. The museum contains hundreds of thousands of original documents from his time, thousands of books, exhibition objects, photographs of various objects, instruments and devices and not least around a thousand plans and drawings that he did not have time to realize.

For the tourist who has a great interest in technology, the Nikola Tesla Museum is a must.

Trg republike

Trg republike is the name of one of the central squares in Belgrade and also the name of a district. This district is known for all the sights that exist as many famous buildings are located here but also known for its shopping and the shopping center which is built in glass and steel.

The bronze statue of Prince Michael is one of the attractions located on this site. It depicts the prince on a horse and symbolizes his achievement when it comes to the expulsion of the Turks in 1867.

Here is also the famous Millennium clock that came in the year 2000 and shows both time and weather conditions. If you want to see more of the city’s history, you should also take the opportunity to visit the National Theater and the National Museum, as they are both also located in the Trg Republike district.

Many sights can be worth booking before the trip to be sure you get tickets and a guide if you wish as Belgrade is a relatively popular destination.

Attractions in Belgrade

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