Attractions in Croatia

Attractions in Croatia

Croatia – places of interest

Croatia is a popular one Travel destination, as it has a long list of different sights to offer tourists. Visit for travel destinations in Croatia. So there are a large number of attractions in Croatia that are part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. These would be B. The old town of Dubrovnik, the old town and the Imperial Palace in Splint, the National Parks Plitvice Lakes etc.

But also the sights of Croatia, which are not part of the world cultural heritage, should not be missed.

Christianity began to spread in Croatia in the eighth century, and since then Christian houses of worship have been built in the country. From Istria to Dubrovnik there are impressive sacred buildings to see. The most interesting would be z. B. The Church of St. Donot on the island of Kirk, the Church of the Savior on the Cetina, the Church of the Holy Cross in Nin, the Church of St. Dimitrius in Konavie etc.

In Croatia only a small part of the area is under nature protection, but it is planned that the area is to be doubled once by almost eight percent. Nature lovers will still get their money’s worth in Croatia. You should definitely not miss the Briuni National Park.

It consists of two larger and twelve small islands. In the park itself there are a large number of rare plants and animals to be seen. Even cultural monuments from the Roman, ancient and early Byzantine times can be seen in the park.

The Krka National Park near Sibenik is also worth seeing. The park has an area of ​​more than one hundred and forty square kilometers. The Krka River makes its way through the park, leaving behind a gorge one meter deep. It also forms several impressive waterfalls.

The Plitvice Lakes National Park is something special. The park consists of sixteen lakes connected by more than ninety waterfalls. There is also a unique flora and fauna to be seen here.

Other nature reserves in Croatia would be the Koranic islands, Mljet, Paklenica and Risnjak.

You should definitely have seen the old town of Dubrovnik. The city has a unique political and cultural history, which is reflected in the city’s interesting sights. The monuments of Dubrovnik and the beauty of the city are known far beyond the borders of the country.

Korcula is also worth a visit. Korcula is the center of the island and has a variety of different architectural and cultural monuments to offer to visitors. There have also been interesting traditions in the city in the field of stone carving, shipping and shipbuilding for centuries. This is also the birthplace of the famous Marco Polo known in world history. Other architectural monuments worth seeing in Croatia would be the palace of Emperor Diocletian in Split, the Roman area in Pula, etc. Croatia has an extremely long list of different sights to offer. Therefore, you should inform yourself very well beforehand so as not to miss the highlights of the country.

Brac (Croatia)

The island of Bra? Is located in central Dalmatia, with an idyllic view of the Adriatic Sea. The island is one of the famous and beautiful travel destinations in Croatia. With its approximately 395 km², Bra? the third largest island in the Adriatic. The area is particularly popular for diving with clear water or many other sporting activities, such as hiking, climbing, cycling or going on rafting or kayaking tours. Special bathing joys come to the beaches on the Golden Horn of the island of Bra? on. The Golden Horn is a headland with a fine gravel beach. But also mountain towns, hiking trails, lonely beeches, forests and karst areas as well as the highest mountain can be found on this Croatian island.

The island of Bra? is known for its white marble, the rock of the island. It was dismantled by the Romans and used in some famous buildings around the world. For example for that White House in Washington, the City Hall in Vienna or the Reichstag in Berlin. The largest of the white marble mining areas are on the coast east of Pu? Iš? A, and from the road you can also see a quarry near Dra? Evica.

Sights worth seeing on the island can be found in the form of Illyrian fortifications or barrows as well as early Christian churches or Roman country houses, the traces of earlier human settlement are reflected here. There are also over 200 caves and some abandoned monasteries on Bra ?.

Probably the most important place on the island and at the same time the administrative center is in the north. Supetar is a small, friendly harbor town, on which in the late Middle Ages there was a consecrated church dedicated to St. Peter. From Split, Supetar can be reached in a crossing that takes about an hour.

An excursion tip is the village of Škrip, which is located in the interior of the island a few kilometers east of Supetar. This is by far the oldest place on the island of Bra ?. You could say it is an inhabited museum with ruins from a total of over 20 centuries.

Another small holiday resort, which only emerged at the end of the 17th century and is located on the west coast of the island, is the port of Milna which has an ACI marina. Its fjord-like bays make it an attractive excursion destination, and it is also considered the best anchorage on the island. Povlja, which lies to the east, is

considered to be an early Christian religious center. Culinary specialties are on Bra? Lamb dishes from the wood oven, but of course also fish dishes as well as crabs or frogs. The associated delicious wines grow directly in the area, on the island of Bra? is the best known of the good Faros.

Attractions in Croatia

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