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Admire the magnificent palm trees right in the center of Málaga.

Package tours and scheduled flights

There are some package tours to Málaga from Finland – most often, however, package tours go to the holiday villages on the Costa del Sol.

The self-employed traveler can easily get to Málaga, as Finnair and Norwegian operate direct connections from Helsinki. At its cheapest, round-trip flights to Malaga can only cost around € 150.

Flight time from Helsinki is about five hours. Málaga Airport’s Pablo Ruiz Picasso is around 10 km from the city center, and is easily reached by rental car, bus, train or taxi.

Accommodation services from one end to the other

The city, loved by tourists, offers accommodation for a variety of needs. International chains as well as luxury and business hotels are all represented, but overnight stays can also be found in budget-run small hotels or hostels favored by backpackers. Vacation rentals are also popular.

The affordable price range also extends to the city’s accommodation offer, and for example, a double room in a three-star hotel costs about 70 euros per night at the cheapest.

Getting around on foot or in public

It is easy for the holidaymaker to move from one place in Málaga to another, as the central places are easily accessible on foot. However, the city also has a functioning local transport – buses and local trains run both within the city and in the surrounding areas.

There is no need for a rental car in the town itself, but car hire is recommended in the area – Andalusia’s stunning destinations from sunny beaches to cultural cities are just a short distance away.


Málaga’s seafront promenade is a popular place to spend the evening

Málaga’s seafront promenade is a popular place to spend the evening.

Picasso Museum

The pride of the hometown of artist Pablo Picasso is, of course, the Picasso Museum, which features works by more than 200 artists. The museum is housed in the elegantly restored Palacio de Buenavista, built in the 17th century. The impressive selection of Picasso’s art comprehensively presents the artist’s extensive repertoire.

Alcazaba Fortress

The ruins of the Moorish fortress of Alcazaba in the center are an impressive sight. There is also a historic amphitheater attached to the fortress. The ruins of the palace offer a great view of the city of Málaga.

Charming glass and crystal museum

The museum, which sounds a bit dull, charms the visitor immediately. The museum is well worth a visit, not least because it is built in a typical Málaga value house, where better-class families once lived. In the Andalusian style in the middle of the building is a charming patio. Among the valuable furniture, works of art and glass, you can also find Finnish masterpieces, such as the Aalto vase.

Malaga Cathedral

According to Abbreviation Finder, Málaga’s majestic cathedral is a rational specimen of a wide variety of architecture. The still unfinished cathedral was once built in the 16th and 17th centuries to replace the old mosque after Moorish rule. The diverse cathedral has both Gothic and Baroque influences.

Carmen Thyssen Museum

Opened in spring 2011, the Carmen Thyssen Museum is one of Málaga’s latest attractions. The museum houses more than 200 Spanish works of art, with a focus on Andalusian art. In the paintings, the visitor can find a wealth of local traditions as well as glimpses of the history of the area. Baroness Carmen Thyssen’s impressive art collection can be found in Villalón Palace.


Málaga’s best shopping destinations are located in the old town

Málaga’s best shopping destinations are located in the old town.

The best experiences in Málaga

  1. Don’t miss Málaga’s great museum offerings.
  2. Enjoy traditional Andalusian delicacies in the chiringuito.
  3. Shop, tour the sights and walk along the streets of the old town.
  4. Peek into the Andalusian night by diving into the bars of Málaga.
  5. Rent a car and make a trip through Andalusia.

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