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Newspapers in Bahamas

According to A2ZGOV.COM, Bahamas is a country located in North America. The Bahamas has three newspapers: the Nassau Guardian (edition: 14,000 copies), founded as early as 1844, the Nassau Daily Tribune (12,000 copies) and Freeport News (4,000 copies).

The state-owned company Broadcasting Corporation of the Bahamas (BCB, founded in 1936) broadcasts radio in four channels and television in one channel. TV broadcasts account for 75% of imported programs. Since 1995, cable TV broadcasts in Freeport have been through a private station. There are 744 radio and 247 TV receivers per 1,000 residents (2000).


The cultural life of the Bahamas reflects the origins of the country’s population. African elements are mixed with European.

Particularly famous are the festivals held on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve. People gather in the streets for hundreds of years to sing, dance and play music, often with African rhythms. Goombay is a music style reminiscent of calypso and originated in the Bahamas. Both the drum used and the dance to the music are also called goombay.

It is also common with soca, reggae, rap and hip hop.

Bahamas Culture

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