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Barbados Culture and Mass Media

Newspapers in Barbados

According to COMPUTERGEES.COM, Barbados is a country located in North America. The daily distribution in Barbados is relatively large (200 copies per 1,000 residents, 2000). There are two daily newspapers: The Nation (founded in 1973, about 25,000 copies) and Barbados Advocate (founded in 1895, 11,000 copies).

Radio and TV are dominated by the half state and half privately owned Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation (CBC, founded in 1963). There are several private radio stations, and TV channels from the United States are transmitted via satellite and cable. In Barbados, there are just over 749 radio and 310 TV receivers per 1,000 residents (2000).


According to CALCULATORINC, the culture of Barbados reflects the mix of British and African / Afro-Caribbean traditions in music and art. However, modern culture is strongly influenced by US influences.

Caribbean calypso and reggae are common forms of music, such as soca, Caribbean jazz and spouge, which are described as a Barbadian mix between calypso and other styles of music. There are also specifically Barbadian tuk bands, which with their wind instruments and drums are reminiscent of English military orchestras.

Music is important at festive occasions and at the many festivals on the island. The largest of these is Crop Over, which was originally celebrated when the sugar harvest of the year was salvaged in July – August.

In architecture, one often finds houses in the old English style but adapted to the Caribbean climate with, among other things, large verandas. However, the English influence is mainly expressed in phenomena such as horse racing and horse polo but especially in national sports cricket.

Barbados is known for its crafts (ceramics and jewelry making), which often have a distinctly African influence.

Internationally renowned singer Rihanna (Robyn Rihanna Fenty) hails from Barbados.

Barbados has an old oral storytelling tradition and only in the mid-20th century did literature appear in writing. Among Barbadian writers is George Lamming with the novel In the dark border (In the castle of my skin) and the poet Edward Kamau Braithwaite.

Mass Media

Barbados has freedom of the press. There are two newspapers and several weekly and Sunday newspapers.

Of the newspapers, Barbados Advocate is the oldest, it was founded as early as 1895. The largest is the Barbados Nation which comes out under the name Daily Nation three weekdays and otherwise as Midweek Nation, Weekend Nation, Saturday Sun or Sunday Sun.

Since 2010, there is the online magazine Barbados Today and in addition there are several news blogs. All publications are privately owned.

The Ether media is dominated by the state-run Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation (CBC), which broadcasts both radio and television programs. Private radio stations are also available.


Percentage of the population using the internet

82 percent (2017)

Number of mobile subscriptions per 100 residents

123 (2018)

Barbados Culture

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