Beer Luffa in The Cuba Archipelago

Beer Luffa in The Cuba Archipelago

Enjoy the Caribbean sun as you glide on a delicious catamaran among pristine Cuban islands around Cayo Largo. Every day, your captain finds a perfect place to explore with snorkels and the most beautiful beaches to sunbathe and relax. Catch your own supper or take a kayak ride on the crystal clear water.

Before the adventure in Cuba’s beautiful archipelago begins, stop and explore Cuba’s charming capital Havana as listed on diseaseslearning. Then you go to the beautiful city of Cienfuegos where you board your catamaran for an eight-day cruise in the archipelago outside Cienfuegos. Enjoy the wind and the sea, snorkel among the colorful fish and look forward to grilling freshly caught fish under the Caribbean starry sky.

Day 1: Departure for Cuba

Departure from Sweden to Havana, Cuba. You arrive in the evening, where you will be picked up at the airport and driven to your Casa Particular.

Day 2: Havana sightseeing on foot

Today you will be able to explore the beautiful old town of Havana on a half day trip on foot. You have the afternoon at your own disposal.

Day 3: From Havana to Cienfuegos

A welcome meeting takes place at a specified hotel at 15:00, after which the tour continues by private car towards Cienfuegos. Here you board the boat that you will stay on for the next eight days. Before dinner, a review of the safety rules on board is offered, and you can also get to know the boat a little better. ( M )

Day 4: The archipelago around Cuba

Enjoy a fantastic breakfast while the boat cruises towards the archipelago off Cuba. Relax to the sound of the waves and enjoy one of the first days when life is lived at a leisurely pace. ( F , L , M )

Day 5: The archipelago around Cuba

For the next five days, you will be able to go by boat between the pristine islands off the coast of Cuba. Enjoy the paradise around these rustic and sparsely populated islands, take a dip in the sea with your snorkel on, explore deserted beaches or relax on the deck. There are 350 smaller islands in an area known to be significantly less visited than other places in Cuba. You are also welcome to throw a line into the water – the chef is happy to prepare the day’s catch. ( F , L , M )

Day 6-8: The archipelago around Cuba

The days go by with snorkeling trips in the crystal clear water, relaxing on the boat or on the beach, and enjoying some of the best seafood you have eaten. You visit Cayo Largo, the largest of the islands and known for its 25 km long, chalk-white sandy beach and mangrove forest. Take part in a beach volleyball match or kayak and explore the mangrove forest – you may see one of the crocodiles that live here. Cayo Rico is another island you visit. The water around the island has a wonderful turquoise blue color and invites to a snorkeling trip. Enjoy a drink at a nice beach bar and look at the horizon. ( F , L , M )

Day 9: Boat trip back to Cienfuegos

Wake up and enjoy one last snorkeling trip before returning to Cienfuegos. A short walk through the town is planned, and you can then explore the charming town with its colonial-style buildings on its own. ( F , M )

Day 10: Transfer back to Havana

After breakfast, the return journey to Havana begins, where you arrive in the middle of the day after a journey of about four hours. You have time to enjoy a last walk through the city and maybe a mojito at one of the many nice bars.

Day 11: Return to Scandinavia

It’s time to say goodbye to Havana and Cuba before heading to the airport and heading home after a relaxing holiday.

Day 12: Arrival in Sweden

Overnight stays

Three nights at Casa Particular in Havana
Seven nights aboard a catamaran in a cabin


Note that the space on the boat is limited. Pack your things in a soft bag or backpack of max 15 kg. No suitcases may be carried. Excess luggage can be stored in the marina. There is limited fresh water on board so showering is limited to a maximum of one short shower per day. Free drinking water is available on board. Remember to notify ev. special requests regarding diet in connection with reservation.

To travel to Cuba is to make a time travel back to the 1950s with all that entails – old American cars, a life without lots of technology and amenities we are used to and which we today take for granted.
Cuba is still subject to sanctions, which means that there is not always the range of products we are used to.
The accommodation is very simple in some of the places we visit and a standard far below what we are used to. So we suggest bringing a small travel pharmacy, paper handkerchiefs / toilet paper, shampoo & soap, some Y3 bags for washing in the sink and your own towel.
But not to forget, what is available is an abundance of lovely & happy people, captivating music & dancing, refreshing rum drinks and cigars!

Beer Luffa in The Cuba Archipelago

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