Best Place to Relax in Albania

Best Place to Relax in Albania

Cheapest doesn’t always mean boring or uncomfortable. Albania is the best example where you can have an interesting and inexpensive vacation by the sea with the whole family in Europe without a visa. The country of eagles will welcome travelers with a warm but not hot climate, clean and well-groomed beaches, friendly smiles of the local population and a variety of unusual vacation destinations. We will analyze in more detail where to go to Albania to relax by the sea, and where they will help you organize an exciting trip to the mountains.

When to go on vacation to Albania

According to, the Mediterranean climate in Albania is mild and warm almost all year round. There is almost no precipitation here, and the sea breeze fills the air with pleasant coolness. Therefore, if you did not have time to organize a trip to Thailand in winter, out of 300 hot days a year, it is easy to find a comfortable time for a vacation in Albania.

The beach season begins with the arrival of the April sun and lasts until the end of October. But even in winter it is not cold here. The exception is mountainous regions where the winter is snowy.

Family vacation in Albania, where to go on vacation is a good alternative to expensive seaside resorts in neighboring countries (Montenegro, Greece). The weather conditions will please both those who want to spend days on sandy beaches, and those who come to actively travel and are aimed at sightseeing holidays around the country. In summer, the air warms up to +30°С, and in winter it does not fall below +10°С.

Excursion rest

A young and actively developing state on the Mediterranean coast attracts with its beautiful nature, colorful small towns and traditional local settlements, where you can relax from the everyday worries of a noisy metropolis not only with your body, but also with your soul. Pay attention to where in Albania it is better to relax and what to see during your vacation:

  • ancient cities, fortresses, amphitheatres, temples, aqueducts and churches, where you will find yourself as if in another era (in Saranda, Foinik, Lecursi);
  • nature reserves and parks (Riviera of Flowers, Karaburun-Sazan Marine Park, Butrint, Blue Eye Spring, Pirate Cave, Ultsyn Lagoon);
  • mountainous regions (and hiking in the “Albanian Alps”);
  • sights of neighboring countries (Corfu Island, “Balkan Jerusalem” in Macedonia).

Resorts on the Adriatic coast

We recommend relaxing by the sea in Albania, where there is amazing nature, a rapidly developing tourist infrastructure and a large selection of places to visit. Holidays near the Adriatic Sea in Albania are inexpensive, but at the same time rich and comfortable: There is something to do here at any age: imbued with history, walking through ancient castles and temples, improve health at healing springs surrounded by pure coniferous forests, spend a memorable vacation in remote outback on the shores of the warm sea.

Velipoye is the best resort for children

Velipoye is a young resort where it is better to relax with children in Albania. It attracts tourists with wide and comfortably equipped beaches, clean fine sand and shallow sea near the coastline. The aroma of pine forests reaches the sea, creating a special atmosphere for a relaxing family holiday. Here, untouched nature and the benefits of civilization are favorably combined, you can go on an excursion to the ruins of ancient civilizations or take a walk around the surroundings.

Durres: in search of antiquities

A large seaport, where active and inquisitive travelers will be interested in relaxing in Albania. The ancient city has an interesting history, so there are many attractions worth seeing: the Villa of King Ahmet I, ancient towers and theaters. A beach holiday in Durres is noisy, there are many attractions, cafes, but at the same time the coast is sandy, clean and well-groomed.

Shengjin – the magical city of desires

The name of the resort in translation means Saint Jean, which symbolizes “wish come true” for the local population and tourists. The cozy location of the old fishing village in the bay, comfortable natural conditions, healing properties of coniferous forests and a variety of attractions attract both tourists with children and outdoor enthusiasts.

Choosing a resort on the Ionian Sea

Resorts in the south of Albania are famous for their turquoise water, gentle sun even in high season and well-developed tourist infrastructure. Please note that the coast of the Ionian Sea, where it is better to relax in Albania in the summer, warmly welcomes guests with a warm and mild climate, because in September many resorts and beaches are empty.

Ksamil – Maldives for budget travelers

A romantic and beautiful place on the shores of the Ionian Sea. The resort is famous for its azure waters, snow-white beaches, beautiful nature and good service. If a trip to the Seychelles or the Maldives is not affordable, Albania offers a good alternative – Ksamil. Nearby there are small islands where you can arrange a romantic date, and for active recreation, we recommend going to the Butrint Natural Park.

Saranda – the southern gate of Albania

On the southern coast of the land of eagles lies the sunny, modern and rapidly developing village of Saranda. Not only foreign guests come here to relax with their families, but also many Albanians. It offers a wide range of excursions: a ferry trip to about. Corfu, the museum-reserve, the ancient city of Finichi and the “Blue Galaz” – a castra spring with crystal clear blue water.

Dhermi – “oak grove” on the mountainside

Dhermi is an elite resort where to go to the sea in Albania. The beaches here are well equipped for recreation by any company (there are places for evening “parties” of young people, and there are secluded sandy coasts, where it is convenient with small children). When visiting Dhermi, don’t forget to visit the Pirate’s Cave, Gram’s Bay with centuries-old messages from sailors, ancient churches and citrus groves.

Vlora – the city of two seas

Do not know where it is better to relax in Albania: on the Ionian or Adriatic Sea? Arriving in Vlora, you don’t have to choose, because in this place the seas merge. In quiet bays, sandy and pebble beaches are conveniently spread, so their visits can be alternated. The ancient sea city has something to surprise even an experienced tourist: the Bulis amphitheater, the city of Apollonia, Monasteries and churches. All the variety of interesting places is seasoned with the magical aroma of olive and citrus parks.

How much does a holiday in Albania cost: food, housing and transport

Albania is a new tourist destination where it is better to have a cheap seaside vacation. There is not a big influx of tourists, so every guest of the country has a special reverent attitude. When traveling to inexpensive resorts, be prepared for a special local flavor and a variety of entertainment on offer. Here, urban and resort life is very different from the everyday life of the local population in the outback.

If comfort and good service are your priority, we recommend staying in modern hotels in major centers. The cost of rest here is on average $300-500. Do you want a little extreme, get close to nature and see the real life of Albanian villages? – Many travelers in Albania practice eco-tourism, which includes living on farms away from the city in secluded corners of the country, eating natural products and complete “relaxation” surrounded by wildlife.

The food is hearty, bright and rich in seafood, meat and dairy products. Note that lunch is hearty and inexpensive (10-15 $). And breakfast is often included in the price.

The transport system is well developed, so you can travel around the country both by public transport and rent a car, because the prices here are low.

Best Place to Relax in Albania

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